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Opening Arguments

The pot's right

Sorry about that

Whoops! The Billings Gazette retracts its endorsement of President Obama:

Sometimes, you have to admit you’re wrong.

And, we were wrong.

We said that things couldn’t get much worse after the sub par presidency of George W. Bush.

Whupped on "Jeopardy!"

On "Jeopardy!" last night the airline attendant whupped the linguist and the lawyer good -- hell, she destroyed them. A good win for a contestant is to hit about $20,000, and she won nearly $32,000. It was a good reminder that we shouldn't judge people by the kind of work they do; smart people can pop up anywhere.

The Final Jeopardy, by the way, was one of those that seemed too easy to me, but I guess I like that better than the ones I don't have a clue on. In the category 1970s films:

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Did you catch the tribute to Howard Baker on the Saturday Journal Gazette editoiral page

Indeed, the Senate’s ability to deal effectively with the infamous 1972 break-in and the related dirty tricks that came to light in 1973 and 1974 was due in part to Baker’s willingness to let the investigation findwhat needed to be found.

It's unanimous

The Supreme Court just ended its term with two 5-4 decisions on controversial, hot-button issues, so there's bound to be a lot of analysis about the "divided" court. But here's something you might not be aware of:

Congratulations, you lost!

This reaction to the United States moving on in World Cup play despite its loss to Germany seems a little overwrought to me:

Sorry, World, but that is bullshit. And I don't even care if it helped America. It's not American style to lose but advance. We won a game, we tied a game, and then we lost a game, but still we advance. Why not just give every country in the world a "cup"? A big cup... of lameness.

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Let's talk about guns

Remember Dick Metcalf? He's the Guns & Ammo editor who got fired for wtiting a column saying that guns could be regulated without anybody's Second Amendment rights being violated. He has an interesting observation on "why we can't talk about guns":

Metcalf said it seems logical that if we can require people to get training before the operate a car, we can require them to get training before operating a firearm.

Name blame game takes flight

God, I really thought this whole demeaning-name thing had already gotten completely out of hand, but I guess I was wrong:


Hey, buffer this

So, are free-speech "buffer zones" unconstitutional or not? The Supreme Court, in a unanimous decision, seems to say yes, they are:

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a Massachusetts law requiring protesters to stay at least 35 feet from the entrances to clinics that provide abortions is unconstitutional, a decision that cast a legal cloud over similar provisions in 15 other states. …

Chelsea blues

A gay old world

Millions of Trekkies out there are going to be bitterly disappointed to learn that the Prime Directive is no longer in effect:

Seeking to mobilize a global front against anti-gay violence and discrimination, Vice President Joe Biden declared Tuesday that protecting gay rights is a defining mark of a civilized nation and must trump national cultures and social traditions.

Marijuana lawlessness

This is the law at its worst:

Attorney General Eric Holder swooped into Spokane, Washington, without public notice Friday to visit with federal prosecutors, but his trip didn’t immediately benefit a group of indicted medical marijuana patients nicknamed the Kettle Falls Five.

Ready for a woman

I'd say she's half-right:

The U.S. should elect a female president "as soon as possible," first lady Michelle Obama said Monday.

The GI Bill's legacy

Mr. Anonymous

Let's start the week with a soft, non-controversial suggestion. News organizations grant women who say they were raped anonymity because being a rape victim is so shameful the woman's life would be ruined forever if her name were known. So, if the crime is that bad, why don't we withhold the name of the accused until it's dtermined whether he's actually guilty or not?

Straw dogs

My brother and his gun-advocate friends are freaking out over the Supreme Court's "straw" purchase decision:

Stay away, ET

My apologies for what will be sporadic posting over the next few days. We're going live with a new front-end system this week, and that's taking up most of our time. As long as you're here, check out this paranoid excursion into outer space: "Bid to talk to aliens could doom us all: How the quest to find ET could be insanely risky":

Chasing Hillary

I enjoy listening to Terry Gross' interviews on NPR's "Fresh Air," especially her talks with authors. Yes, there's a little liberal bias now and again, but not enough to spoil the appreciation of her interviewing skills. She usually reads not only the book in question but also anything else of the author's she can get her hands on, and she has a way of zeroing in on th most important things the person has to so.

Earn that treat, Fido

Good Lord, something new we have to worry about -- not turning our dogs into welfare-dependent members of the permanent canine underclass: