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Opening Arguments

Dang. You would have thought this was for hot concert tickets or the newest electronic gaming device:

The line for the first public H1N1 flu vaccination this morning included anxious parents and children, pregnant women, elderly folks pushing walkers and a few people wearing surgical masks.

The first person got in line at 3 a.m. When the doors opened four hours later, hundreds were waiting for their shots.

The strange thing is that despite all the publicity about people wating for the vaccine and the flu spreading and hitting young people and children especially hard (even those without underlying medical conditions), a new poll shows only 52 percent of parents said they'd have their children vaccinated, and more than six in 10 adults said they won't get vaccinated. I don't get it. Granted, the swine flu has been hyped into probably appearing scarier than it really is, but isn't a shot better than getting sick? I mean, come on.

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