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Opening Arguments

The 100-year plan

You probably think you only have to put up with President Bush for three more years, then live with the effects of his Supreme Court appointments for a generation or so. But here's what a famous journalist thinks:

Woodward said he thought of Bush's plan as a 100-year agenda.

Woodward spoke at Indiana State Unviersity, apparently the only Hoosier institution of higher learning that has snagged him; students from other universities made a trek to hear him speak. Lots of journalists talk about what a wonderful contribution Woodward and Bernstein made to the profession. One bad effect they had was the encouragement of a lot of people coming into the business who didn't belong here. They thought it was all going to glamorous investigative reporting and Page 1 stories. A lot of them got bored when they had to wade into the boring nuts-and-bolts of phone calls and fact-checking and went into advertising or PR.