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Tailing the Komets

Alex Kangas injured

Kangas hurt his hip, the same one that was surgically repaired last year during the first period Friday night in E. Komets won't know the full extent until Monday at the earliest. Expect Tyler Sims to sign to back up Nick Boucher for tonight's game.

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Sat, 12/31/2011 - 11:34am

This is an unfortunate injury for both the Komets and Kangas if true. (I only say "if true" because the Komets certainly like to disguise injuries in order to "hide" the injuries from opponents). For example Rizk had a "knee strain", the we find out it was a groin injury. Some are faced with "upper body injuries", some with "lower body injuries", etc.

Goaltenders do not count against the veteran rule. The Komets are in the middle of a comtinuous IR game protecting roster spots. There is no way that Nick Boucher can continue carrying the load the way he has. If Kangas is seriously injured, the Komets would do well to start scouring the hockey world for another goaltender. One, unlike Beecher and Kangas, who comes to them without a history of injuries.

The Komets are lucky to have the resources to get this done. Either by trade, future considerations, or just plain cash (see Tab Lardner).

I know I'm putting the cart before the horse, here. Still, if Boucher goes down, then look out below!

Sat, 12/31/2011 - 12:00pm

By the way. Mark Sibbald was waived yesterday by Bloomington.

Remember him? If you don't, he was the goaltender who came in for Bloomington and played the last 35 minutes of the game. Result? He shut out the Komets for those 35 minutes.

His stats show he had only played 55+minutes for the Blaze, had a 1.11 GA and a save % of around .960.

If you need a goalie who probably comes cheap, why not take a "flyer" on this guy? I'm just sayin'.

Sat, 12/31/2011 - 5:08pm

That's too bad for Alex. I hate to see people with nagging injuries especially after trying so hard to get back into the game.

Get well soon!