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Tailing the Komets

All-star announcements on Tuesday

The UHL is going to announce the rosters for the annual All-Star Game tomorrow afternoon. The game is Jan. 25 at Missouri. Komets who have been nominated are David Carptentier, Colin Chaulk, P.C. Drouin, Guy Dupuis, Rob Guinn and Kevin St. Pierre.

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Mon, 01/09/2006 - 8:38pm

No Chad Grills Jr. (Lance Galbraith) or no Ryan Jorde? What the heck. They should be our ALL STARS. Jorde probably wasn't nominated because he is going to be an AHL ALL STAR. Lance ought to get into the debate club at IPFW. He could talk his opponent to death.

All kidding aside, Dupuis has come on pretty strong. 100% effort, scoring, physical play, and hustle!!! He should be our All Star this year. Hope he starts to rub off on some of the others. We should give Guy the "A" on his sweater and take it away from Lancey boy. What a disgrace he has been.