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Tailing the Komets

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How many of you are worried about the gas prices this winter possibly affecting your ability to go to Komets' games? Are some of you skipping season tickets because of it? If gas hits $4 per gallon, which kind of changes will you have to make or are you already making?

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Thu, 08/10/2006 - 6:47am

Living in Ohio if gas hits $4.00 a gallon it may change things. I've been living in Ohio for 5 years and still have found a way to make it work, so I will try and keep a positive outlook that I and my wife can still come to games as season ticket holders.

Tony E
Thu, 08/10/2006 - 7:13am

Well..I may attend more Spitfires and Sting games and fewer Komets games and my plans to hit 3 or 4 Leafs games this season may be out the Window.
The biggest change for me is I used to take an evening drive for about an hour every night as a break from working on my website. I no longer do that. I also for the first time in my officiating career turned down a couple of college games because of the driving distance.

Thu, 08/10/2006 - 7:15am

I live on the North Side of Fort Wayne. Gas prices will not affect my attendance. They may empty my wallet enough to affect my beer consumption though...

Thu, 08/10/2006 - 7:16am

Tony, Wouldn't you get some sort of travel allowence for traveling to do college games?

Tony E
Thu, 08/10/2006 - 7:20am

Yes but they haven't raised it in 4 years!

Thu, 08/10/2006 - 7:21am

I can see where that would be a problem then. How far would have gone?

Thu, 08/10/2006 - 7:41am

We don't live in Ft Wayne, but will still make the games. We have continued to travel all summer. I don't like the prices, but I can't change them. I look at it that next year they could be a lot worse and I want to enjoy things while I'm still on this earth. I won't waste my life sitting home.

Drop The Gloves!!!!!!
Thu, 08/10/2006 - 8:06am

I will just buy a MOPED to go to the games

Tony E
Thu, 08/10/2006 - 8:10am

One was in Richmond Kentucky (EKU) for football and a basketball game in Maryville Missouri (NWMSU). Since I don't fly and the gas allowance is nowhere near good I gave these games back. It may hurt me but I am not in a position to lose money right now.

Thu, 08/10/2006 - 8:19am

Good one Gloves! I want to see you on that moped when there's ice and snow. Maybe worth buying a ticket to see that. LOL

Jungle Monkey
Thu, 08/10/2006 - 8:25am

3.8 Miles my door to the K's bench. I'll walk if it gets in the way of beer money!!...lol.

Thu, 08/10/2006 - 8:30am

We've got to keep priorities straight, right JM? LOL.

Jungle Monkey
Thu, 08/10/2006 - 8:56am

:-) You know it, Blakes!

Thu, 08/10/2006 - 9:08am

I live in Ft. Wayne so going to home games are not an issue. I still plan on going to about 10-15 road games but that could change my plans to go to Elmira or Quad City if prices get too high.

Tony E
Thu, 08/10/2006 - 9:09am

I wonder if Fort Wayne will consider becoming a more "bike friendly" city if gas prices stay at these levels. Someone please correct me but I don't remember any bike paths along the main drag. I know you can legally bike with the flow of traffic but people want to live to get to the mall.

Thu, 08/10/2006 - 9:09am

beer at the barn costs more per gallon than gas does so it wont affect me at all.

Thu, 08/10/2006 - 9:09am

It bothers me but not enough to keep me from doing things I enjoy. The people getting rich off this mess can all rot in hell.

Thu, 08/10/2006 - 9:15am

Well, the gas prices suck. They won't keep me from getting to the games, if I don't drive - I will take the freaking bus if that's what it takes to get there. Or, maybe I could just hitch a ride from Jungle Monkey and split the Moped Gas Money! The thing that kills me... is paying the dang $3 parking fee. Ah...it drives me nuts!

Jungle Monkey
Thu, 08/10/2006 - 9:48am

I pay $6 every game. It's easier to find your car when you leave the game under the influence.

Thu, 08/10/2006 - 9:54am

The gas prices will not affect my attendance, we spend close to 5 hours together as a family for a hockey game. The kids sign up for the contests everygame, we find ICY and hug him every game. I also have no work conflicts which caused me to miss 2 games last year.

i'm more concerned with the bigger overall economic problems looming that will affect everything. I wasn't old enough to remember the late 70's early 80's hard times (gas lines etc.)

Thu, 08/10/2006 - 10:01am

Now that's NOT funny JM. As pennance you have to sing the Tom T. Hall song five times. If you don't know what I'm talking about, look it up.

Thu, 08/10/2006 - 10:19am

Blake, Your assuming JM is under the influecne of something bad. I take it he's under the influence of being pi--ed off at the coach and lack luster play. I could be wrong though.

Thu, 08/10/2006 - 10:50am

If he does what I said, he'll like it, maybe even owe me a beer.

Thu, 08/10/2006 - 11:24am

With the line of work that i'm in, i'm "lucky" enough to see the gas prices a day or 2 before they go into affect and I hate to say it but that $4 a gallon isn't very far off. You can thank the conflict in Israel, the Alaskan Pipeline, and the new terror advisory for this next hike...read into that as you will

At this point, I don't even look at gas prices..when the tank is getting empty, I have to fill up..it's as simple as that. I'll be at all home games and 10-20 away games.

Thu, 08/10/2006 - 11:40am

I drive a small car and live just a few miles away, so gas prices won't affect our attendance at all...although I am tempted to offer to drive JM home for free! I feel for the folks who drive in from out of town though.

Thu, 08/10/2006 - 11:43am

I'm a diehard, so nothing will keep me away.

Thu, 08/10/2006 - 11:59am

How about the "oil'' President who said the war in Iraq would be paid for with... oh, yeah, oil.

Thu, 08/10/2006 - 12:01pm

I will not attend as many road games as originally planned if (when) prices hit $4/gallon.

Thu, 08/10/2006 - 12:19pm

That isn't an "editorial comment" is it now Blake ;-)

Thu, 08/10/2006 - 12:44pm

I have to drive from Indy for the games. I can't remember how many i made it to last season but the price of gas won't effect me coming to the games. It's the weather that stops me from comeing to the games.