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Tailing the Komets

Is anybody watching the NHL?

I just haven't been able to get into it. I can't tell who half the players are, and I can't believe half of the goaltenders who are playing. The hockey season is just too darn long. I feel like the last thing I want to do is watch another hockey game, especially one where I don't know who's playing.

What do you guys think?

Anybody got anything interesting planned for the summer. I'm looking for ideas. LOL.

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Sat, 05/06/2006 - 6:59pm

Blake, Kathleen and I will take in a few Wizards games and will be going to Chicago to take in a White Sox game and visit her side of the family. Her brother said that he could score us some VIP tickets. Other than that, I have a 25 year class reunion in late July. The last one I went to was the 10 year. I will watch some of the NHL playoffs, but since the Red Wings lost....it won't quite be the same....no Detroit/Colorado series (battle). But I will still watch....a lot of nights there is usually just garbage or reruns on the tube....especially on the networks. Other than CSI or Law & Order, I only watch network TV for sports...the sit-coms are shall I say....not my cup of tea.

Hit Somebody!!!
Sat, 05/06/2006 - 8:29pm

I am pumped up for May 16th....David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) will be doing a one night concert digital telecast at Regal Cinemas around the country...in the Fort too. I have Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)tickets for Sept. 30th at Verizon/Deer Creek. Will also continue in many tennis leagues and tournaments throughout the summer. Lots to do to kill time until next Komet season...How about you Super Fan?

Hit Somebody!!!
Sat, 05/06/2006 - 8:41pm

By the way...I am watching the Chicago Crubs as they have scored a whopping 5 runs in 7-8 games. I am a diehard fan. That in itself is depressing. I am sure I am not the only Crubby fan on here...Anyone sympathyze with me?

Tony E
Sat, 05/06/2006 - 10:17pm

Blake Ashley and I probably will take our annual 2 week driving trip to Canada (no maps and no plan). With Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver not involved I am not watching much playoffs though I am cheering for Edmonton to win and Ottawa to lose.

Sun, 05/07/2006 - 3:40am

Where to start Blake. We have our first camping trip planned Memorial Day weekend. June 25, we are walking in the MDA walk downtown(hint, hint), if anyone wants to join me, email me, and I'll get information out. We may take in a few Wizards games. other than that...Just work.

Oh, and I love the playoffs, NHL hockey has been awesome this season, yes, my favorite team is still playing(Colorado) but even if they wheren't I'd still be watching...Hockey at the NHL level is awesome.

Blake you work to much to know who the goalies are...I know all of them, because I follow the NHL closely as I'm in a fantasy league. The same goes for the UHL, I'm in a fantasy league for that also.

Sun, 05/07/2006 - 8:02am

work work work spend some time remodeling our cottage coaching baseball and hopefully get to see a few indians games along with a couple of yankee games and oh yes, work work work

Sun, 05/07/2006 - 8:03am

side note, i was in kazoo last night for a fraternity reunion and was at the same hotle as the ice pigs. they acted fired up and i wish i could have gone to the game. wings 8 to 7

Sun, 05/07/2006 - 8:42am

Not sure yet. I know I'll be going down to Savannah to visit my cousin. Probably will make a Wizard game or two hopefully since I haven't been in AGES! And definitely keep up with my Yankees this season!

BTW-I was at the Wings/Hogs last night for game 2. It was a GREAT and very intense game, definitely worth the money!

Sun, 05/07/2006 - 1:29pm

Go Cubbies...please

Sun, 05/07/2006 - 2:24pm

How many Abuse of the officials misconducts is that goon Little Snake gonna get before the uhl steps in and takes care of things.....what a joke

Sun, 05/07/2006 - 3:51pm

I hope that the WIngs sweep the Icepigs...they don't deserve to win with all the whining they do...

Sun, 05/07/2006 - 4:12pm

I agree Mark! Since the K's are out of it..I'm rooting for the K-Wings!! I hope it's Danbury and K-Zoo in the finals..and for K-Zoo to take the cup!

Sun, 05/07/2006 - 6:45pm

Looks like K-Zoo will sweep Rockford and I hope they do. Muskegon and Danbury will go 7 games. K-zoo will win the cup in 5 games. Looks like i will be at kids sporting events all summer, but i will be tailing super fan and following the signings etc.

Go K-Wings, pigs get fat but hogs get slaughtered!

Mon, 05/08/2006 - 6:40am

I have been watching lots of the NHL playoffs. I just wasn't ready for our season to end yet, so I was having withdrawals already. LOL I also say go K-Wings. I want muskegan out, which most UHL fans do also, and I would love to see K-Zoo take it all. I also think that Rockford is a joke. Too many cocky, no talent, all mouth players.

Tony E
Mon, 05/08/2006 - 7:23am

I am glad to see everyone is coming around to my side (ok the dark side lol) on players like Big Snake and some of the other "guns" on Rockford. When fans here were calling out because the Komets don't have anyone like them and I said "GOOD" I got blasted. Put the Rockford roster in Komets uniforms and I think Fort Wayne fans would have a hard time cheering for these PLAYERS. Of course they would cheer the uniform but I don't think you would find very many fan favorites when it comes to the players. I think one of the special things about the Komets is that 99.9% of the players who have come through town have been good people who could be role models for our youth. A young hockey player can look at the way Colin Chaulk, Guy Dupuis, Kevin St Pierre etc go about their business on and off the ice and learn the right way to do things. Who would your kids look up to on Rockford? Big Snake the Goon? Tibbets the NHL washout due to bad attitude? I don't think you could honestly find 3 guys on that team that if I had kids, I would want them to follow. Scott Dickie would be one at this point and I really hope he doesn't get led down the wrong path by that group. The fans in Rockford are good fans and they deserve a better class of players to cheer for.

and so ends my rant for he week lol.....

Mon, 05/08/2006 - 8:11am

Blake-not much going on this summer other than a family reunion in the Fort probably in July. Alreday spent my one week vacation going to Vegas in March.
I watch a ton of NHL Playoff Hockey. I tape the games I can't watch live because they're on too late at night. Love Ilya Bryzgalov of Anaheim. Like to see him get the record although my wife would be ticked because she's a big Avalance fan.
Love to see Edmonton and Ottawa in the finals but the way both played their first games in the second round I don't think it'll happen. Toskala wasn't tested much in the Sharks net so Edmonton is going to have a problem. The Sharks also decided to pound Pronger which Detroit did not want to do.
As long as New Jersey get kicked out of the next round I'm happy. Seeing them get plastered by Carolina 6-0 was the highlight of a bad week.

Mon, 05/08/2006 - 8:45am

I've been watching the NHL playoffs. It doesn't hold my attention as well though b/c I'm used to watching the komet games live so it isn't the same for me. K-zoo all the way. Can't stand Muskegon, they are just as dirty as Rockford and no team like that deserves to win anything. I think it would be cool for it to come down between Danbury and Kalamazoo. Don't mind Danbury; Have a couple friends on that team, but I think k-zoo will win it all;

Mon, 05/08/2006 - 12:52pm

Tony E, I agree with you 100 percent. I don't think we should model our team after Rockford at all. I don't want guys with felony convictions on my team. Our guys may have gotten beat, but they held their heads up and didn't whine and make excuses and abuse the refs. All people associated with the Komets, players, staff, management, are good people.

Mon, 05/08/2006 - 3:38pm

Blake: I watched the Avs/Ducks game on sunday and kept wondering if i had been in a coma for a couple years! MORE than half the players playing in that game i had never heard of before! Who the H___ is this Bryzgalov guy in goal for the Ducks? What happended to Giguere? No wonder the N.H.L. is struggling in the ratings. I don't think anyone can name more than 5 or 6 of any teams starting roster.
Also, i don't really care who wins the Colonial Cup, just as long as it isn't Rockford...and i hope Watson & Tibbetts get the whipping's they deserve!

Mon, 05/08/2006 - 3:40pm

Thomas, you the man! At least I'm not the only one feeling like a totally old fart when watching that game, no offense intended, Thomas. LOL. It drove me nuts, and yeah, the score was 3-0 in the third period when I picked it up, but could a hockey game be any more boring than that one was? I'm sorry, a guy is going to shut you out two games in a row, I KILL to get a goal to break up his momentum.

Mon, 05/08/2006 - 3:46pm

I've watched some of the hockey - I loved the Broad Street Bullies (that's the 70s nickname of the Flyers) get tattooed by Buffalo.

I'm really down in the dumps, though. I was hoping, with the way they were playing going into the playoffs, that Montreal would knock off Carolina in the first round. What can you say about the Red Wings? This isn't unusual for them to struggle in the first round after a great regular season. If they get past the first round, look out, but they've stumbled recently against San Jose, Anaheim, Nashville, and now Edmonton. I think you'll see some of the older players retire (Chelios, Yzerman) or let go (Osgood).

I like the OLN crew, but the network could have mixed up the games a little more - too much Dallas-Colorado and Buffalo-Philadelphia. I would have liked to have seen at least ONE playoff game with my Canadiens this year.

Mon, 05/08/2006 - 3:47pm

How much does the NHL miss ESPN? That might have a bigger impact on the game than the lockout in the long run.

Tony E
Mon, 05/08/2006 - 4:19pm

Let me play devils advocate for a minute. You have the "New NHL" with new talent and new teams rising to the top. What is so wrong with seeing fresh faces and new heroes. I mean, Cam Ward is a great young talent on a team full of young stars mixed in with some old vets like Recchi and Brindamour. Giguere was not getting it done, partially due to injuries and so in comes Ilya Bryzgalov a guy who was drafted high and worked his way up the system and is now getting his chance. To me, these are good stories. Hockey will never work if the same teams win or make the finals every year. The only way fans in Carolina,
Nashville, Anaheim etc are going to really develop a loyalty is if their teams start contending on a regular basis. Sure I love a good old Leafs V Flyers brawl game. But I also enjoy seeing Eric Staal and Ryan Miller come into their own on the big stage.

Mon, 05/08/2006 - 6:09pm

If you haven't heard of some of these guys then obviously you don't follow hockey all that closely. These playoffs have been nothing short of great. The action has been awesome. The goaltending (new faces) has been great. Physical play, fights, last second heroics. Its been one of the best playoff seasons in quite some time.

Mon, 05/08/2006 - 6:27pm

The Carolina/New Jersey game just made my point. Unbelieveable action.

Tony E
Mon, 05/08/2006 - 7:07pm

I have been watching Sabres/Sens. Ryan Miller 43 shots, 42 saves, 2-1 great game! Lots of hitting. Tim Connolly had his head taken off in a hit that floored both players.
Now thanks to CBC I am enjoying the Oilers/Sharks. Early on in the playoffs I was in a funk because of no Leafs/Canucks/Komets but I have really started to enjoy it.

Mon, 05/08/2006 - 8:09pm

BTW, someone asked about Jorde going to another league to get called up. Players can get called up at any time from the UHL. Jorde went up to Grand Rapids this year and Frenchy to Milwaukee. You have to be wanted, though.

Tue, 05/09/2006 - 2:47am

I agree with Scoops and Tony E, I look forward to watching the New NHL, the action is awesome, boy that Carolina/Devils game was awesome...2 goals in the last 20 seconds of action...incredible...

The Sharks/Oilers game was pretty good..

Someone said they wanted to see the Canadiens more, I think CBC(if you don't live near Canada or have Centre Ice Package) you wouldn't of got them. I got the Centre Ice package, the hockey this year was nothing short of awesome...

Tue, 05/09/2006 - 6:16am

I think the NHL playoff games that I have watched, and that is many. have been really good. A few have been sleepers, but for the most part, lots of action. The hitting has been incredible. I'm amazed that some of those guys have gotten back up!! I'm actually staying up, past my bedtime, and watching games all the time. If they weren't good, I wouldn't do that. So who cares if you're a little bleary eyed at work the next day.

Tue, 05/09/2006 - 12:15pm

The finish to the NJ/CAR game last night was absolutely AWESOME!!! TWO goals in less than 0:30 to take the lead then tie the game again.....How many teams would have given up after falling behind like that late in the game?