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Tailing the Komets

Are we dreaming?

Two great games in a row. How about that comeback? They were busting their rear ends right to the end of the game.

How about that shaky goaltending early? That's what I mean about leaving rebounds like hand grenades. Give the kid credit, he hung in there and pulled it together.

Anybody surprised by some of the awards? I was a little surprised Lance didn't get anything, but I'm sure most of you will be surprised Guy was defenseman of the year.

How about Rockford once again!!!!! I am so happy I don't have to go to Danbury.

Here's the question: Which lineup do you go with in Game 1, or more specifically, whom do you take out to allow Luciuk and Goodwin to play? Don't forget, must have four rookies in the lineup.

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Sun, 04/16/2006 - 9:32pm

Actually in response to an earlier post, Komet attendance is up from last year. Infact pretty much each week was consistantly higher than last year. I didn't look up every single week but I did look up the majority and all that I checked were higher compared to last year.

Mon, 04/17/2006 - 2:40am

Now that the playoffs are here, who will make the komets playoff roster? How many do we have to let go or do we have to? Just some Questions

Jungle Monkey
Mon, 04/17/2006 - 4:28am

Regarding my earlier post... I was wrong ticket sales are up 1.5%, however I was speaking in reference to actual attendance. There seems to less people actually attending games at some points this year.

Mon, 04/17/2006 - 4:32am

K's looked great this past weekend and the crowd was terrific! I can't wait to meet those little piggies from Rockford in the first round. Let our guys show Martinson what a few "average players" can do by chewing those porkers up and spitting them out on the ice! Go K's!!!!

One more thing: I was so glad to see Kelly Miller win that award Saturday night which was so well deserved. That guy plays his heart out every night and hustles beyond belief. Congratulations, Kelly!

Mon, 04/17/2006 - 7:54am

Attendance "seems" to be down as far as in the building. - Jungle Monkey

Great, make a false comment and then explain reasons to back that up. Then say how yo misspoke and it seems to you that it's down as in people in the building.

Do you know that for a fact? Show us turnstile numbers then we'll listen.

TO think that attendance would shoot up above 8 or 9 thousand if the team played like Danbury or Rockford is crazy. Everyone wants the good old days. Attendance was 7,500 or so back then. Bigger building, yes. Doesn't mean more people would come

Mon, 04/17/2006 - 7:58am

Just because they post 7,500 as attendance doesn't mean their are 7,500 butts in the seats.

Mon, 04/17/2006 - 7:59am

Joseph is right. Remember when the Komets had a really tough team with Robin Bawa, Kevin MacDonald, Sean Gagnon and Andy Bezeau in 96-97? That might have been the toughest Komets team next to 90-91. They ended up missing the playoffs and attendance was way off for the year. And they were a hitting team, too. You've got to win, too, to bring out FW fans. It's been that way throughout FW history.

Jungle Monkey
Mon, 04/17/2006 - 8:09am

Joesph, You get the Frankes to share the turnstyle numbers and we will discuss them. Not going to happen. Noise numbers are down. Excitement level is way down. Anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves.

Mon, 04/17/2006 - 8:52am

Just saw on the Journal Gazette's site that Chaulker is done for the playoffs.....

Mon, 04/17/2006 - 9:20am

Noise numbers? Does UHL.com track that?

Mon, 04/17/2006 - 9:23am

Great Weekend for the Komets.
I like the fact that they beat the best two teams in the league without their top 4 players.
I thought Goodwin should have gotten MVP and that Milam should have gotten ROY.
I don't like R&R p2 song. I also don;t like the fact that they play the Twist. I said on Justin's blog and I'll say it here. IMO, Twister is a foul mouthed jerk that needs to keep his mouth shut a little more.

Mon, 04/17/2006 - 10:04am

Because IMO, Milam's done more in those 8 or 9 games than most of the other rookies have done all year.

Mon, 04/17/2006 - 10:06am

And by the way, that's just the sort of comment I'd expect from the Twister which makes him a loud foul mouthed jerk.

Mon, 04/17/2006 - 10:26am

Hey Greg, just sit somewhere else so you won't have to listen to Twister. After reading your post now I know why the song was taken away! You don't seem to like to have fun!

Mon, 04/17/2006 - 10:31am

Quite the contray, I loved watching the K's beat the top two teams in the league. They played great hockey. That's were I think the fun is. Threating people with getting the --ll beat out of the is not and neither is listing to someone from 4 sections away who is very rude and crass.

Jungle Monkey
Mon, 04/17/2006 - 10:57am

Because the other 7542 of us were going to beat the hell out of the Kalamazoo team. I agree Twister is annoying, but his nonsense doesn't bother me.

Mon, 04/17/2006 - 11:02am

The odds of hearing loud mouth jerks at a sporting event (little league to professional) are pretty good. I sit 10-15 rows above Twister and to be honest I can hardly hear a thing he says. I took my family to a game and sat 4 rows below him against Rockford and I didn't hear much of anything. How you can hear him 4 sections over is amazing. That whole section can be pretty ruthless but people who attend games regularly know this going in. You could possibly sit elsewhere, tell a roadcoat your offended, or go down and tell Twister yourself.
I get a chuckle out of the song being threatning though. Are you taking it that literally?

Mon, 04/17/2006 - 11:12am

What do you tell Ian Boyce then. I've noticed that he hasn't shown up in 204 since he put his Jeer in the paper. It's possible he's sitting somewhere and I just haven't seen him, it's more likly he's as disgusted wiht the Twisters antics as I am. I just feel my loayalty to the Komets is more important.
And no I don't take the song literally. I just believe it's better to cheer that your team scored that to cheer something that is negative.

Mon, 04/17/2006 - 11:33am

I respect your opinion Greg. I totally disagree, but I can understand it. Unfortunately for you or fortunately for me, about 7500 people seemed to disagree. I get a kick out of the whole twist thing. I have never personally heard anything offensive from him, but I have heard your sentiment shared before from others. Don't know if there's an answer to "the problem". I don't feel like that chant is negative. It is celebrating an achievment over the opponent. That's the whole idea of sports. We all hope that we figuratively beat the H E double hockey sticks out of the other team every night. What bugs me more in sports is when I watch college basketball and a team is shooting a free throw and all the female (usually) fans start screaming as loudly and as high pitched as possible. Now thats annoying!!

Mon, 04/17/2006 - 11:40am

Unit, I don't see how you can speak for 7500 people. Did you actually take a poll as to who like it and who doesn't. I will grant that a majority like it and I have to live with it. I believe there are better ways to celebrate without being negative.

Mon, 04/17/2006 - 12:00pm

I too understand your complaint Greg, however i strongly disagree. And as Unit pointed out, it sure seemed that about 7500 other people disagree with you as well. I highly doubt a poll was taken, but i counted as fast as i could and am pretty sure i came up with 7326 people shouting their support for the song.. give or take a few..

now in normal every day life you wouldnt want to walk up to someone and tell them they "suck", or that you want to beat the heck out of them.. that would be a bit abrasive. But then again this is only a game, and i dont think they are to be taken literally... Also in every day life i wouldnt want to go to a public forum and call a "fan" a "fouled mouth jerk" .. i believe that is a tad abrasive, and uncalled for.

Jungle Monkey
Mon, 04/17/2006 - 12:11pm

Have you taken a poll??? Greg must be the most literal person on the face of the planet. Dude, the whole arena went nuts! Yes 82 people didn't like it. You do the math.

Its people like Greg that got the song banned to begin with. Its a game, its entertainment. I think that one of the intermission events is rather annoying with people yelling the same dumb word over and over for a dollars worth of ice cream, but I have no plans to get the scoop guys banned because I realize that I am the minority, and have no place in telling 7400 other people what they should like.. Nothing personal scoop guys, some of you have pretty scrong throwing arms.

Mon, 04/17/2006 - 12:17pm

Agreed, and if I offended anybody I apologize. But I do believe that being called any type of Nazi goes way overboard, don't you think.
Let me put it this way. IMO I don't agree with the paying of R&R2 but all I try and do is write on my stat sheet is playing.
As far as the Twister goes, I beieve he goes too far in his verbage and does not take into acccount the fans around him. I believe that either the Coliseum or the Komets, once again in my humble opinion, are legitimizing what he is and what he does by playing the Twist. If he wants to yell and heckle and be rude to other players and offfend other fans fine. He can do that or he cna take his 15 mineuts of fame every time they play the Twist.

Mon, 04/17/2006 - 12:19pm

I think that yelling scoop is annoying to and I don't partake. I don't think it's offending either and that's where the difference is. People are offened by the term "you suck" and "we're going to BEAT the He-- out of you."

Mon, 04/17/2006 - 12:20pm

The whole arena would also include those 82 poeple so your logic is flawed. The correct phrase would have been almost the whole arena went nuts. That would have made your point better.

Mon, 04/17/2006 - 1:01pm

Greg, lighten up man, I believe the term Nazi was used with the word fun and to me just means that you don't really want anyone to have any fun. I also don't believe there was a straw poll or an exit poll done that night after the song was played, but as I have said before, after it was played that was possibly the loudest I have heard the coliseum all year. Now maybe 5500 people were just that much louder and 2000 people didn't say a word. Who knows for sure but the place definitely errupted after the song was played.

As for Twister, I also sit near him and the other fans that are around him, and yes at times they are a bit more rude or crass in there comments than others, but they have paid money to be there just as everyone else has and as long as it is not taken too far they should be aloud to heckle. If one finds it offensive tell an usher or move your seats. They sit in the same seats every game.

Maybe we should all go to Europe or South America and watch a Soccer Match, with an interpreter so we could understand what is being said, I bet we would all laugh at the little things being said or sung at K's games. Those games get out of hand and sometimes people die. I have yet to see someone die from a fan chanting "You Suck" along with a song. And one really gets the Hell Beat Out of Them. Bottomline it gives a good number(since I have not taken a poll) of people enjoyment, I do not see the harm in the song or the chant. This world has become far to PC for me, you have to watch what you say to everyone. No one has a sense of humor anymore and everything is taken so literally. I hate to see what sports could be like in 10-20 years if people keep finding things offensive.

Mon, 04/17/2006 - 1:02pm

I gotta agree with Greg, at least on this part: How can the word Nazi ever be used as a fun word?

Mon, 04/17/2006 - 1:08pm

I agree, it definitely is not normally a word that I would call anyone. But I guess being called a "Fun Nazi" I find somewhat humerous along the lines of the "Soup Nazi" from Seinfeld. Again everyone is a bit to PC to understand the difference.

Mon, 04/17/2006 - 1:14pm

Blasting the Scoop, eh? Not alot of ice cream where you'll be going. LOL. (and don't take that literally)

It's probably like when Icy comes out and you got little kids yelling Icy over and over even though he is clear across the arena. Might be annoying for some people in the area but for that little kid it means everything to get that crazy bird to see them and shake their hand. I can understand the irritation I guess but you just take it for what it is.

Mon, 04/17/2006 - 1:32pm

How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a tootsie roll pop? How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck would? If Peter Piper...aww nevermind. Splitting hairs is fun. Not really. I have about a million non p.c. statements I would LOVE to post right now about arguing on the internet, but Blake would have my paperboy throw my paper in the bushes everyday. Wait... that already happens. Hey, if you don't wanna yell Scoops that is your freedom, but since the Soup Nazi was already brought up : NO SCOOP FOR YOU!!!