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Opening Arguments

Assessing the situation

Maybe, maybe not:

Opponents of a referendum question on the Nov. 4 ballots in three Hamilton County townships say taxpayers may not see much savings if it passes.

Clay, Fall Creek and Noblesville township residents are slated to vote on whether the township assessors' duties should be transferred to the county assessor. Of the 1,008 township assessors throughout the state at the beginning of the year, all but the 43 largest had their work transferred to their county's assessor.

I've never heard proponents of going to a county-assessor-only system make that much of a big deal about the costs. The point has always been emphasized that a county system would give us more accurate assessments. Instead of township assessors of wildly varying capabilities and the resulting disparities in the quality of their work, we'd have a shot at professional assessments that would give us fairness. Allen County's three townships are on the ballot with the same question, and it doesn't seem like that hard a call to me.