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Opening Arguments

Back off

I've talked to Mark Souder a lot. He's at his most attractive as a politician when he gets caught up in some complicated and controversial issue like illegal immigration or Bill Clinton's impeachment. He has a policy wonk's fascination with details, and he really does consider all the sides and angles, which is why he was one of the few congressmen to think Clinton was guilty on some of his impeached behaviors but not on others.

He is at his least attractive when he's in attack mode. Some people can pull off the snide stuff and some can't. Souder sounds especially spiteful:

"A race for congress is not a race for student council," Mark Souder says in a recent campaign ad.

[. . .]

"He helped paint a fence.  Nice.  But, not a skill not commonly required in congress," Souder's ad says.

Congressman Souder's ads also claim that Montagano isn't familiar with northeast Indiana.

"My opponent recently took leave from his Indianapolis law firm in order to run from Congress in this area. He even said he bought a GPS unit to help him find his way around.  As in,


William Larsen
Wed, 09/03/2008 - 10:58am

Why is it that those with money waste it by saying nothing about issues? Both the republican and democratic candidates have not identified one issue. The democrat's web site has a tab for issues, but there are none. The republican's web site has even less.

Mark Souder