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Opening Arguments

The best jury money can buy

I've always liked the great movie "12 Angry Men," but for a long time I probably took the wrong lesson from it: The jury system works, and the truth will prevail! Actually, 11 of the jurors in the movie were nincompoops who were ready to send the defendant to the chair without a minute of discussion. And most juries don't have the Henry Fonda character to slow them down and make them consider the actual evidence in the case instead of their own prejudices and preconceptions.

OK, the jury system can work, and even probably does most of the time. But sometimes a jury is just a collection of nincompoops with no one to guide them. Now, two of the   Jackson jurors from that particular aggregation of nincompoopery are speaking out. They thought he was guilty! And they are sorry. Really. Sorry. And they're both writing books. You know those laws prohibiting criminals from profiting from their crimes? The principle applies here.