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Opening Arguments

A blonde moment

With every news organization in the world writing about bailouts and meltdowns, I'm glad I still have my Newsweek to keep me up on the really important stuff:

She began doing research to answers questions about her own love life, and wound up writing a compact and witty compendium of all the latest science: "Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?" (Delacourte, 2008). And yes, she does answer the title question: Blondes are more rare in most cultures, and do get more sexual attention, partially because they stand out. Light hair can also be a sign of youth—women's hair tends to get darker as they get older.

But given what is preferred about blondes, it's not really gentlemen preferring them, is it? Of course, this view pits me against the experts quoted by Newsweek, so perhaps I should tread softly.

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