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Tailing the Komets

Book report

A lot of you have asked about the status of the second Komets book. First off, thanks for your support and encouragement on the first one. All of the responses have been a blessing and I thank you for them. If  you haven't noticed, we've reduced the price at the souvenir stands and at Komet Kuarters.

The second Komets book ``Legends of the Komets'' is mostly complete. That book focuses on the 13 men who have had their names or numbers retired to the banners. I'm waiting on the foreward and I'm trying to find a few more Komets alumni for the ``Where are they now?'' final chapter. I'll post a list of whom I need soon to see if any of you can help me. So far I've found around 800, including everyone who has played more than one season with the Komets with the exception of Andy Milne and Mike McKay. I haven't given up on them yet. Right now it's looking like that book will be published on opening night in October.

I also helped Lloy Ball write his autobiography and that will be out in June before the Olympics in August.

As you may have heard, I'm currently helping Bob Chase write his autobiography. I'm guessing we're about halfway done, but I'm not sure because Bob isn't slowing down yet. LOL. It's some incredible stuff. Every night we talk it seems like he comes up with two or three dandies that even I've never heard before.

To go along with Bob's book, I'd like to include a chapter with reflections from the fans. What's your favorite story about Bob, what has Bob meant to you or anything else you'd like to say about Bob.

If you'd care to, you could write some responses here, or if it makes you more comfortable, you could email me at bsebring@news-sentinel.com. There's no deadline on this so please don't feel like you have to get it done today. We'll even take responses from fans of other teams if they have something they'd like to say. The only hitch is that we've got to use real names and not just blog names. That's for legal reasons according to the publisher.

Again, thank you.  

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Wed, 02/20/2008 - 5:20pm

Gee, Blake, you don't have enough to do!

I know I'm looking forward to your newest Komets book, especially the section on my all-time favorite player, Robbie Laird, #18. I'm sure the Pembroke and Irons section will be great too.

I have been listening to Bob Chase since I was a very young teenager. I remember that in my high school speech class we had to do a radio presentation of some sort and I decided to do "Bob Chase calling a Komet hockey game". I recorded one of the games on an old tape player and then tried to memorize it along with all the emotion that Bob put into it and then recreate it for the class. They somehow piped it into the classroom from a room I was in across the hall. Needless to say, I could not do justice to what Bob does day in and day out, but it was fun to try to step into his shoes for just a few moments. Bob Chase has been a Komet hockey staple in my life and it will never be the same when he finally hangs it up. Thanks for all the memories, Bob!