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Opening Arguments

Bottom of the barrel

I know the Inauguration is the hottest story around, and every newspaper and TV station in the country is scrambling for any angle to make the coverage special, but this does seem like a reach:

While many folks amass in the cold of Washington, D.C., or gather in front of television sets to witness the swearing-in of President-elect Barack Obama today, one former Anderson resident received a personal invitation to attend a presidential inauguration more than 30 years ago.

Jason R. Samuels was just 10 years old when he received an invitation from then-President-elect Jimmy Carter to attend Carter's January 1977 inauguration. It was the culmination of a side trip the summer before to Carter's Plains, Ga., campaign headquarters on the way back from a Florida vacation with his parents, Jane and Jack Samuels of Anderson.

Dadgumit, why didn't they interview me? I never got invited to an Inauguration, but Birch Bayh once sent me a postcard, and he ran for president once, and his son almost ran for president and was almost on the short list to be Obama's vice president.