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Opening Arguments

Brave new world

A lot of people think the current president's bioethics council is concerned a little too much about the ethics and not enough about the bio, although the way they usually put it is "religion trumps science" or some such. That's a fair assessment; I think the administration is less science-friendly than it should be. But some people don't worry enough about the opposite extreme, our scientific enthusiasms running way ahead of our ethical and moral sensibilities.

This is on my mind because I'm reading "Frankenstein," the Allen County Public Library's third everybody-read-the-same-book project (after "Farenheit 451" and "The Diary of Anne Frank"). Mary Shelley's classic is considered by many sf fans (like me) to be the first true science fiction novel in its exploration of technology-vs.-morality issues.

(Highly recommended, by the way, especially if your opinion of the basic story has been informed by the many movie versions, which don't do it justice.)