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Opening Arguments

The bully usually wins

I wonder which century Evansville Mayor Johnathan Weinzapfel has been living in. Talks between the city and the state and federal governments over sewage discharge broke down, and on Monday Evansville got sued. There is the possibility of heavy fines, and the mayor is outraged:

Weinzapfel said the city will fight the charges vigorously. He accused the federal government of "bullying" local officials and trying to impose solutions regardless of how much they will cost the city and its residents.

"Basically, this comes down to control," Weinzapfel said.

Well, control is what the federal government wants to do, bullying is how it does it and imposing solutions regardless of cost is standard operating procedure. According to the story, about 750 cities concentrated in the Midwest, Northeast and Pacific Northwest "are contending with similar problems." The government doesn't care how much it makes all of them spend, either.