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Tailing the Komets

Chaulk has gone home; Warner update

Colin Chaulk left the hospital Tuesday morning and went home. There is no timetable for his return, and no guarantee he'll be ready to go when he's eligible to come off the 30-day injured reserve list. He, and everyone else, has high hopes, but with something like MRSA, he'll be ready when he's ready and not before.

Here's how paranoid the hospitals are on this stuff: I had a doctors appointment at Lutheran on Monday and a copy of Saturday's paper which the original story was in was sitting in the lobby. That story was clipped out of the paper so nobody could read it.

New skates have been ordered, too, but Chaulk still swears he won't wear socks. He wears two layers of pantyhose-type material instead, saying he can feel his feet slipping when he wears socks.

So here's a question for all of you: Anyone who plays, do you wear socks? How much difference does that make?

As for Brandon Warner, he's had this hip problem for five years now and has tried to play through it. Last year he got a shot for it, and about a month ago he got another shot for it, but it didn't work. Now they are going to give him another kind of injection into his hip joint tomorrow. If that doesn't work, he'll have to have surgery which would likely keep him out until the playoffs.

He said he's sure trying to play through the injury has hurt his play, but with so many other injuries, he didn't feel he had any other choice and didn't want to put the team further behind on the roster.

"I got an MRI on Monday and they happened to find almost like a bone spur," Warner said. "It's called femeroacetabular impingement, which is pinching the labrum up against two bones. It could be fraying the labrum, but only way to find out is through surgery. I know I have to have surgery, but it's a question of when. They are hoping this injection tomorrow and maybe a little medication will know this down so I can survive the rest of the season and have surgery this summer. I'm not sure how well it's going to work."

So here's a question to some of the oldtimers out there: Do you ever remember a season where there have been this many injuries? I can't over 20 years, though 96-97 probably came the closest.

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Rick Sosenheimer
Wed, 01/14/2009 - 8:08pm

Glad to see that Chaulker has gotten to go home- As they say and i am used to saying is that there is no place like home to recover!!
I also haven't seen a year like this with so many guys hurt- Sims said on a tv interview that they haven't had the same lineup since the second game of the year! Wow!!

Wed, 01/14/2009 - 8:14pm

Yeah...the hospitals have nothing better to do than clip out articles about local athletes having mrsa. Where in the world would you get the idea that the hospital staff cut the article out? A fan of the Komets couldn't be in the hospital and one of the family members saw the article so they clipped it out so their loved one could read it? Maybe it was Colin himself or a family member took the article. Trust me, in a hospital they have a LOT more important things to worry about than an article in a paper.

If they were to watch what was allowed to be read in a hospital, don't you think they would take articles out about malpractice, controversial medical experiments, shootings/stabbing, etc etc and not about a minor league hockey player getting sick?

Maybe there was just a good add on the back on the story and the story was never even read...

Blake Sebring
Wed, 01/14/2009 - 8:24pm

There were no ads behind the story since it was on the front page. I thought it was odd myself and asked a friend who works there and was told you wouldn't be able to find a copy of that story anywhere in the hospital.

Parkview had some major litigation about MRSA only a couple of years ago, and all the hospitals are all scared spitless of it. The more I tried to get comments and explanations from doctors about the story, the more resistence I got. No one likes to talk about it. Seems to me, the more information you get out about it the better, but I guess not. Even now, almost a week later, I can't get anyone to comment on it on the record.

Wed, 01/14/2009 - 8:42pm

You must not of checked the main lobby because there was definitely a copy of the paper with the story in it completely in tact. Yes mrsa is "taboo" in the hospital industry and is a sensitive matter, however, I can guarantee you that no one was told "hey! go cut every paper and cut out the story on Colin Chaulk" as that doesn't happen...ever.

Hit Somebody!!!
Wed, 01/14/2009 - 10:01pm

Seems to me that a birdy told me that lots of people come back from hospitals in this town with MSRA....especially people aged 65+. It seems MSRA has adapted itself that it is very resistant to Antibiotics, older adults and young children with weak immune systems are most at risk in catching it...actually, we all can carry it...it just wreaks havoc on those with weaker immune systems. It can attack wounds, open cuts, even respitory systems and become airborne in some cases. For lack of another saying...it ain't no joke. It basically destroyed one hospital's reputation in their newborn center.

I wish the best for Colin. Speedy recovery and best of good health.

Wed, 01/14/2009 - 11:37pm

not nice to call the host a liar....he has no reason to lie!!

Thu, 01/15/2009 - 12:39am

Who's calling who a liar? I haven't seen the word liar pop up once until you said it.

Thu, 01/15/2009 - 1:24am

It seems to me that the hospital is just wanting to make sure that people that are there either as a patient or a family member visiting do not get exposed to seeing an article about ANY ailment / illness, etc. that might further upset somebody.

I'm sure that the newspapers in the lobby and commons areas are left intact, only the copies that might make it into a patient's room would have certain items removed.

Thu, 01/15/2009 - 2:06am

Hey, relax, I didn't take offense to anything GameMisconduct said. We're cool. Just a disagreement.

The copy I saw was in a lobby and it was cut out, not ripped. I thought that was curious so I asked a friend what the deal was. This person was the one who suggested it might be a little bit of the hospital being careful, that's all. I guess I just assumed that was the case. Who knows?

Mike in Toronto
Thu, 01/15/2009 - 9:09am

Blake: The "no socks" question. Most of us did not wear socks of any kind when we were playing Junior or University hockey. It was just a better feel. You were wearing your skates almost every day and as long as you had new laces every few weeks a good snug fit was the result.
Glad to hear you are at home with your girls, Colin. Get well soon.

Thu, 01/15/2009 - 1:12pm

lewis was realeased. s ide note, i wore socks cause my feet were always cold.

Mike in Toronto
Thu, 01/15/2009 - 1:58pm

Chuckitt, you must have been sitting on the bench too much, LOL. That's why I wear 'em now.

Thu, 01/15/2009 - 3:38pm

I play pretty serious hockey, about 70 games a year along with practices and another 40 roller hockey games. I've worn socks everytime I play hockey and can't say I can feel my slip when i skate. A cure for your feet slipping...get your skates tighter or wear a size smaller, but what am I to tell a professional hockey player what he should be doing.