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Tailing the Komets

Christmas ideas?

If anyone needs a gift idea or five, please consider some of my books. If you order them now, they will be here in time for me to personalize the signing for you as well. You can get Legends of the Komets and The Best of Bob Chase at the souvenir stands and at Komet Kuarters.

Or try this link

Or try this link.

Best bet on this one is to try this link

There's also Tales of the Komets

The Biggest Mistake I Never Made by Lloy Ball

And the novel The Lake Effect

Hoping to have two more out around this time next year. Thanks to all who have purchased them in the past. Hope you enjoy them.

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Wed, 11/16/2011 - 6:28pm

I can assure that these books are great reading. I have all of them. Yes, I consider Blake a friend. Aside from that he is a very good author. These books are very reasonable price wise. I have found that once you start reading any of them you just do not want to put it down. If you have interest in the Komets the answer to almost every question can be found in these books. As novels go "The Lake Effect" will keep you spell bound. Blake didn't ask for my comment he is not that kind of guy! But I am and you will not regret giving any one of his books as a gift or just to read and enjoy!

You might even find my name in one of them!

Wed, 11/16/2011 - 8:00pm

Live from radio rinkside I read in one sitting. It was great.

Wed, 11/16/2011 - 8:33pm

really blake?

Wed, 11/16/2011 - 10:26pm

We are allowed to advertise our business ventures on here now? Sign me up!

Blake Sebring
Wed, 11/16/2011 - 10:56pm

Sure, if you've got a charitable venture or something related to the Komets or if you pay the newspaper, I've got no problem with that. Legitmate charitable ventures are free, of course. We've never been shy around here about helping out good causes.

Thu, 11/17/2011 - 12:13am

Blake has been helpful in getting word out regarding many charitable activities, including the Rescue Mission Benefit Car Show that my organization has every September.

I have two of his books which are very entertaining and well written, and I plan on adding to my collection.

Thu, 11/17/2011 - 3:15am

I have all of them except the Lloyd Ball one. My dad has read them as well. They are the definitive source for Komets info that goes beyond the numbers, and "Lake Effect" is an absorbing read. Thumbs way up. :) I still think you should write a book about some of the women who have left their mark on the team. Ruth Wiegmann sounded like she was willing to dictate a few chapters. Unfortunately there might not have been enough of them yet to fill a book.

Redcoat Ranger
Thu, 11/17/2011 - 8:52am

If I paid for advertising with the newspaper wouldn't that just give me a spot in the actual paper and not a blog spot? How much would I have a pay to be one of the pop-up ads on this site?

Thu, 11/17/2011 - 10:55am

So where are you donating all of the proceeds from your book sales?

Thu, 11/17/2011 - 11:06am

What is it with jumping on Blake about his books, its his blog if he wants to post books for sale he can.He can put the money in his pocket if he wants doesnt need to make it right for anyone. Dont like it dont buy them or dont read the post. Trying to help Blake :-)

Redcoat Ranger
Thu, 11/17/2011 - 11:36am

Never mind Blake, I contacted the office and got the information I needed. Thanks anyways

Thu, 11/17/2011 - 12:17pm

Why does it say "newssentinel.com" at the top of the page instead of BlakeSebring.com, Reiterfan?

Thu, 11/17/2011 - 12:37pm

he is the one taking care of it. just funny how people pick the dumbest to start stuff about like the book deal

Thu, 11/17/2011 - 12:42pm

Just like on the other site its the big talk there too about the books. Thats why people dont post or quit posting. People think there way of thinking is the only way and there is alot of time not talking about the team and whats going on around hockey.

Blake Sebring
Thu, 11/17/2011 - 1:24pm

One post out of hundreds...

Quite a few, actually, honey_b. For one, did you miss the post about Komets Kare Package? There are many people on here whose projects I have supported with publicity on the blog, financially and with volunteer work.

If you don't care to read them, ignore this post. What else would you like to talk about?

Thu, 11/17/2011 - 1:41pm

I've always wondered this, but do the Komet Kare packages to to Indiana men and women who are overseas, or is it just in general? Always liked that cause.

Blake Sebring
Thu, 11/17/2011 - 1:44pm

Indiana servicemen through Hoosiers Helping Heroes. We work with the Indiana National Guard and Master Sergeant Steve Kingsley to set that up.

Blake Sebring
Thu, 11/17/2011 - 1:45pm

Believe me, it's not like I'm getting rich off the books.

off the post
Thu, 11/17/2011 - 2:11pm

really people? blakes profession is that of a professional journalist and writer. if he is making some money on his books... more power to him. i cant believe some of the post on here. i really wonder at times as to why blake spends any amount of time on this blog ( oh yeah.. just dawned on me.. to sell more books!) lol jus kidding blake! seriously doubt if any posters here work their chosen profession for free. thing is, he donates proceeds to charity. appreciate your work and insights on the blog and im sure those chosen charities appreciate your work as well. thank you blake! komets 5-2 tonight and finish road trip 3-1 as predicted.. GO KOMETS!