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Tailing the Komets

Coaching decision pushed back and more

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The Komets announced late Wednesday that they are pushing back the announcement of the next coach until Monday. The Franke brothers say the candidates are so equal that they want more time to think about it, talk to Pat Bingham and John Marks one more time and to check on references. Both coaches say they are continuing to work on recruiting anyway.

The team has also made a revised one-year offer to goaltender Kevin St. Pierre. St. Pierre, who has already sold his house, said he'll consider it and have an answer by Monday.

General Manager David Franke said the Komets are continuing to talk to Colin Chaulk and Guy Dupuis. He has not talked to Tom Lawson.

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Wed, 07/05/2006 - 3:55pm

Wouldnt that stink....sell your house only to be asked to come back... I wonder if he waits to see who the new coach will be. And how do you start recruiting players for next year when you dont have the job yet...do you sell them on the city and team history or since they seem to have similar philosophy's tell the player they cant go wrong one way or the other.....

Wed, 07/05/2006 - 3:59pm

I also like the fact that the Frankes are talking to Dupuis and at least are still talking to Chaulk. In my opinion Dupuis was our most steady d-man last year...

Wed, 07/05/2006 - 3:59pm

Boy oh boy...I was so looking forward to tomorrow...oh well..now we gotta wait until Monday...

Wed, 07/05/2006 - 4:04pm

Hell, just wait until September. Whats the hurry?

Wed, 07/05/2006 - 4:06pm

LOL.......Heck I think Port Huron will have thier whole team signed before we get our coach signed........but the K's still have time...

Wed, 07/05/2006 - 4:21pm

Take all the time you need to sign a coach, but just hurry up and sign Chaulker!!! It's a no-brainer.

Wed, 07/05/2006 - 4:32pm

Dear Mr. Franke,

Repeat after me.. Bingham. New Coach. Thanks for coming to the press conf. Have a nice day.

Its that easy!

Wed, 07/05/2006 - 4:37pm

They can't go wrong with either guy and I think it is good they are taking their time. There is no rush. Both of these guys want the job and this is a pivotal year in the history of this team. Not since the transition from the IHL/UHL has this team overhauled so much. They are doing the right thing by not jumping to a decision when they have two qualified guys to choose from.

Wed, 07/05/2006 - 5:18pm

I would like to see Pat Bingham. He just brings more energy and fire with him which is what I, and I believe most fans, want to see. He is also trying to work his way up the coaching ranks which is even more incentive for him to put an exciting, winning product on the ice. If he is only with us for a few years, so be it. That just means that he did well enough to move up and that we would have all enjoyed a very exciting few years of hockey!
I take nothing away from John Marks but the Frankes said that they want to bring back 'The Jungle' and Bingham fits that bill better than anyone that has been mentioned during the coaching search.
I don't think that it is a question of making a 'bad' choice between the two, but I do think that for the type of team that the Frankes have said they would like to put on the ice, there is a 'better' choice of the two: Pat Bingham.

Wed, 07/05/2006 - 5:25pm

What happens when Bingham gets the "moving up" itch and leaves after a year? Then a guy like Marks may not be available. Really it was only an by chance that he was. It isn't often a quality franchise folds (ok did they actually fold?)
I happen to think Marks would bring a wealth of experience, credibility and stability to the Komets. Remember here was a guy who spent 8 years with one team. He went from the middle, to the top, to the bottom (without being fired) and then back near the top again. There is something to be said for that.
I don't dislike Bingham. He would do a fine job. But do the Komets want to think short term or long term with this coaching decision. That is one of the questions facing them.

Wed, 07/05/2006 - 5:27pm

Oh and I figured out the REAL reason they keep pushing this back! The REFUSE to allow Blake(s) to go on vacation!

Wed, 07/05/2006 - 5:32pm

Since we wont be able to talk about the new coach tomorrow what do you guys think of gas prices...$3.08 on the way to work 2nite....brutal...

Wed, 07/05/2006 - 5:34pm

It went from $2.89 to $3.29 over the weeend. I think it is back down to about $3.09 here now. Sigh it used to be a good 10-20 cents a gallon cheaper in Fort Wayne

Wed, 07/05/2006 - 5:47pm

I was able to top off my car at $2.939 before that station hiked it up to $3.079...after everyone else on the NW side of town went to $3.099 OUCH!!! While I could be happy with either coach....I would prefer John Marks. I think he brings that extra something to the table and like Tony said is less likely to jump ship to the AHL or NHL. I cannot wait until Monday.......Hey Tony, if you get a chance, I have an E-Bay question for you. I'll send you an e-mail in a few minutes.

Wed, 07/05/2006 - 5:53pm

Sounds good. I am here.

Komet Fan
Wed, 07/05/2006 - 6:08pm

Marks would be my choice. Bingham is a great candidate, but not in Marks league.

Wed, 07/05/2006 - 7:32pm

The more I research both of them, the more the Frankes can't go wrong. It's amazing the contacts both men have throughout all of hockey. I think both would try to bring back the jungle. I truly don't know which way the Frankes should go. They could be father and son.

Wed, 07/05/2006 - 7:42pm

I agree Blake, will be nice to see things get going once they decide on a coach. I am not too worried because besides Elmira and Port Huron no-one else has signed too many players yet. I am excited to see the K's get the ball rolling and watch this team take form...

Wed, 07/05/2006 - 7:47pm

I just wonder what they think they may hear in a second interview that will swing them in one direction??? I think if they are that evenly matched you go with your gut feeling and live with your decision...

Wed, 07/05/2006 - 7:51pm

They may have some questions they wanted to pose face to face that they thought of based on answers given in the first interview. This really is a great position to be in. It shows just how good of an organization this is that these two quality coaches are making the Komets their first choice.

Hit Somebody!!!
Wed, 07/05/2006 - 8:17pm

Marks....if you pass on this guy...you may regret it forever. Bingham is a great choice too....but Marks is one of those guys that has the personality, style, and resume that would put the Jungle back in place. His teams in the IHL were alot of fun to watch. It will be awesome to watch a coach that cares, has a killer instinct, and motivates his players to be the best they can be. It is time that the Komets are put back on top of minor league hockey for years to come...Marks is that guy because he would be the guy who would settle into this community and enjoy his time here. Bingham is using this as a springboard. Not that he should be faulted for that...I just want the Komets to be the best organization they can be and a stable well liked coach is the answer in building back that tradition. When Larry plays Welcome to the Jungle and the You Suck Song next year...it will most likely be the jungle finally, once again.

My fingers are cramping up....wow

Wed, 07/05/2006 - 8:21pm

This would probably not be cost effective or even possible... but what if they offer the coaching position to one, and assistant position to the other? Regardless of which one they pick (I think both would be great... personally I'd chose Marks).... This all beign said I really do think they need to have an assistant coach not a player/assistant coach.

Wed, 07/05/2006 - 8:21pm

Wont it be nice to hear Welcome to the Jungle and have it mean something again....

Hit Somebody!!!
Wed, 07/05/2006 - 8:36pm

Totally agree with that one....last year I felt it was a slap in our faces when it was played as much of last season felt like a slap in the face. It is not Larry's fault either. I just think last year the message was way too much about how things have changed in hockey and you can't have your game the way you like it, instead of just giving the fans what they want. This year it appears that the Frankes have listened very well and don't want to have another lame arse season like last year where much of the games last year were like watching ants reproduce (wanted to use another word there). I credit them for making a committment to bringing back entertainment and hard hitting Komet hockey this coming season.

So for all of this HYPE and TALK...they better pull it off. I want the Jungle back not just 2 or 3 games this season...I want the jungle for 2 preseason games, 38 regular season games, and for at least 6 or more home playoff games. I want the rest of the league to look up at us and say "that is the team to respect." NO more coming into our house and out hustling and out-banging us. Every home game should be balls to the walls hockey everytime they step foot on the ice.

I don't ask for much......

Wed, 07/05/2006 - 8:46pm

And you have such realistic expectations, too, JM.

Wed, 07/05/2006 - 8:47pm

I doubt one of the would want to be an assistant. They are both far to over qualified to be a UHL assistant.

Hit Somebody!!!
Wed, 07/05/2006 - 9:22pm

Actually Super Fan....er Blakes...it was me that said it...and I was only dreaming. But some of that should be the mindset next season and I think whichever coach it is will drill that philosophy into the team. Particularily the one about not letting the other teams out-hustle you and out hit you at home. I think that is something that was a big problem last year. We were out-played way too much last year. That goes to pride and heart. Both coaching canidates would have come unglued last season with the garbage we saw. Most of the time I mean.

Jungle Monkey
Thu, 07/06/2006 - 3:33am

Blakes is just used to jumping out the gate at me!

Thu, 07/06/2006 - 4:35am

Here's an idea...I used to love "WTTJ" as much as anyone but it really doesnt do much for me anymore, and I get the idea its the same for most people.

Why not with the new coach, and basically new roster (all we have is Hukalo so far), why not a new theme song?? There are a few of the obvious choices:

Enter Sandman, Metallica
Thunderstruck, AC/DC
Hells Bells, AC/DC

Those are the 3 obvious choices. I think Thunderstruck is the most electric entrance music to introduce a team, but there are a lot of teams that use it, including Kzoo and Rockford so wouldnt be too original. Hells Bells is pretty awesome too. The RCA dome uses Hells Bells regularly, and it gets LOUD in there when it plays.

What are some other options?

Carolina's was pretty fun in the standing Cup finals using, Rock you like a Hurricane, which is an obvious choice given their name. That one wouldnt quite work here though.

What are some ideas??

Thu, 07/06/2006 - 4:36am

If it's stablity you want in a coach then i'd say Marks. If you want somebody to really shake things up because he wants to prove himself to a higher league then go with Bingham. The question I would ask is what are your future aspirations? How long do you see yourself here with the Komets?