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Tailing the Komets

A couple notes

* Molly McMaster received a misconduct penalty while playing for Roanoke Valley against Elmira on Sunday. We'll see if she's assessed the automatic $50 fine since she was playing on a volunteer basis to promote colon cancer awareness.

* Komets General Manager David Franke said the United Hockey League has decided not to add further discipline to Kalamazoo's Nick Bootland for the hit that left Matt Hunter injured for the rest of the season. UHL Vice President of Hockey Operations Brad Jones examined the play and said the fact that Hunter was off-balance contributed to the separated shoulder. He'll have surgery sometime during the next two weeks.

* Mike Dombkiewicz said he hadn't skated since Tuesday, but I thought he looked pretty good Sunday night. He didn't try anything fancy, but he was pretty solid. Josh Tataryn must have been gulping big time when he got a slashing call on his first shift. I'll be he was praying in the penalty box.

* P.C. Drouin is about to go on a tear. He's due for a six or seven-point week.

* Know how you can tell when Frenchy is on his game? The more he charges out of his net. When he gets in trouble, it's often because he's so far back in his net and he drops quickly. He was firing out all night on Sunday, daring shooters to come up with something.

* The Komets got back to FW at 5 a.m. on Sunday, and they were flat out whipped. Because of that, I thought they played a very solid defensive game on Sunday. Missouri didn't get many chances, and other than one or two, Lonnie Loach and Jim Duhart were never much of a threat.

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Hit Somebody!!!
Sun, 03/26/2006 - 5:39pm

Uh, what did Miss McMaster do? Hit somebody with her purse?

Sun, 03/26/2006 - 7:26pm

Was the misconduct penalty a stat so she could have something other than playing time?

Hit Somebody!!!
Sun, 03/26/2006 - 7:38pm

Had to be staged. I'm surprised Enema Man hasn't gotten an "obstruction interference" for being in the 5-hole. Couldn't resist. There's a guy that isn't afraid of sticking his nose into places others wouldn't.

Sun, 03/26/2006 - 8:04pm

Komets I thought played well against Missouri in the first. Each period after got slower and slower. We're lucky it's only a 60 minute game tonight! I hope they get their rest for Wed., expect the Icehogs to come right out swinging. I thought both of the new pickups played well. Without any chemistry with the other team mates, they fit in nicely. I thought Tataryn's penalty call was a little bogus but hey that's hockey. I was really glad to see him score on the shootout for us. I'm a bit disappointed with the UHL's call on Bootland. So since Hunter was a little unbalanced before the hit, Bootland is less responsible? I don't know, sometimes I think the UHL is afraid to ruffle any feathers.

Sun, 03/26/2006 - 11:52pm

Komets didn't have any problem with the ruling. They figured it was worth a shot.

Mon, 03/27/2006 - 3:30am

Sounds like I picked a hell of a weekend to be absent....

Mon, 03/27/2006 - 8:57am

So was Saturday's game a statement made by the K's that we can stand up for ourselves and not get pulled away from our game if the cheap crap goes on in the playoffs....or just a hiccup/release of frustration?? I hope this is a sign letting teams know we are ready for the playoffs to start we're gonna give you all you can handle....

Mon, 03/27/2006 - 9:39am


Not only they were whipped, I was as well. I didn't get back from Rockford until 5:30. It was a great time though!

Mon, 03/27/2006 - 9:39am

in my opinion JR you hit it right on target! GO KOMETS!!

Mon, 03/27/2006 - 9:55am

There are alot of interesting things going into this game which should make for a great game. The Hogs come in struggling and licking their wounds from the K's game the other night. The coach making a few comments regarding our forwards providing some extra motivation when none should be needed.
For the Komets, its a chance to show the home town fans (and I am hoping for a large, loud crowd) that they can play tooth and nail with the cup favorites. Most of these unbelieveable efforts have been put forth on the road and its time to show us something to wet our pallette's heading down the stretch. Win or lose I expect to see a great effort as there is absolutely zero excuses to come out flat and not ready to play.
I already get the vibe that some people are expecting a repeat of Saturday in the sense of it being a penalty filled affair or dirty. Usually when you expect to see it, you don't. Personally I think Rockford will be the ones that decide that. Just my feeling. I just hope that win or lose you will not be walking into the MC expecting a bloodbath and anything short of that is a open invitation for getting on blog and bitching for a week.

Jungle Monkey
Mon, 03/27/2006 - 2:39pm

Bring on the bloodbath!!! Big Snake will be up to his antics and Watson will be in the lineup. He'll be looking for some redemption after the jeering we gave him in his home arena on Saturday. I just wish Lance would come back! I'm sure Jorde will be ready to challenge everyone to fight. HA!

Mon, 03/27/2006 - 3:16pm

Hit Somebody, I think someone made the mistake of using a sexist term like that and she went off on the poor guy. He's still trying to crawl off the ice looking for his dignity like the guy who lost his contacts.

I heard she's coming for you next. Better run.

This is from Katrina Waugh in the Roanoke Times: ``She got the start for the Vipers, and earned a 10-minute misconduct with a few well-chosen words to referee Pat Britt. She hit the ice again in the middle of the third period. When she headed back to the bench after an abbreviated shift, coach Daniel Berthiaume waived her back on the ice for another turn.''

Hit Somebody!!!
Mon, 03/27/2006 - 6:06pm

I still wonder what would have happened if someone would have taken a run at her. I am not saying that is what I would want, not at all. Just wonder what would have happened?

Hit Somebody!!!
Mon, 03/27/2006 - 6:10pm

Scoops, How's it hanging, man? How was your solo date at the Broke Butt Mountain movie?LOL
If people are upset that the game against Rockford is not intense and exciting, how could you blame them? This fan base is waiting for something to get excited about. That is all I will say without getting you too worked up. I think you would agree to some extent.

Hit Somebody!!!
Mon, 03/27/2006 - 6:12pm

Blake, by the way, I think I could take Miss Masters anyway. She isn't as tough as the bloggers on here are. This is a rough bunch.

Mon, 03/27/2006 - 7:11pm

Not really where I was going with that post. The Rockford games are for the most part pretty exciting games.

We had the playoffs for one. Classic.

We had game 3 this season when Worlton chirped in pregame and then started the game off with a Tibbetts beating and then it kind of got heated throughout. Still the best game of the year IMO.

Next time they played in Rockford....chippy.

Next game at the MC was suttle until the Chaulk kneeing penalty on Johnson which ignited a riot capped off with our rookie Josh Vanderbreggen playing his first game diving on the pile and pulling someone out to fight. That was great.

Few tame games in between until last Saturday.

Anything could happen. I guess the point I was conveying was don't buy a ticket expecting 200 PM's.

Mon, 03/27/2006 - 8:52pm

Blake, why did Molly play extra shifts for the Vipers and not us? That night we could have used an extra player out there. Also, if she was available for the entire(?) game, when would she have done the meet and greet and sign those racy trading cards that everyone got their shorts in a knot over? I am curious as to what she said to the ref, since she seemed very pleasant to talk to when the wife and I talked to her.

Tue, 03/28/2006 - 10:47am

I'm sure it was probably all a set up Bob.

I have no idea on the extra shifts. Probably just a coach's decision.