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Opening Arguments

Cutting-edge blues

The Indiana Debate Commission is giving itself a well-deserved pat on the back for the three gubernatorial debates it sponsored this year. For a first-time effort, it went remarkably smoothly, in large part because of the cooperation recieved from the candidates. I found this interesting:

A total of 2,868 people attended the hour-long debates around Indiana, while 2,826 visited the debates that were posted and archived online.

Fewer people checked out the three debates online than actually went to them in person. That's not a very good showing for the cutting edge -- I'm guessing the debates had a higher TV viewership than 3,000, just in Fort Wayne.

And this just in:

In an effort to streamline processes for granting Christmas wishes and making dreams come true, Santa Claus and Register.com today announced the launch of Santa's new home on the Web, SantasNewSite.com. This new website was donated to Mr. Claus by Register.com.

[. . .]

Equipped with an innovative letter generator, the Website helps frenzied parents put their children's Christmas anxiety to rest with a personalized letter from Mr. Claus.

Isn't that just too, too precious? The damn story even quotes "Mr. Claus." We once had an editor here who insisted that the newspaper never, ever be the one to destroy any child's illusion, so we had to make sure nothing we published during the Christmas season even hinted at the truth that . . . well, you know.

See, I'm still under that evil holiday-cheer spell.

Never write me a letter about this, Virginia. You can't handle the truth.