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Tailing the Komets

D-men learn when to pinch

Posted in: Komets


Tue, 03/09/2010 - 4:13pm

That was a pretty good article. I'm going to try and watch how our defenseman "pinch" from now on. That article got me thinking about the forwards and how they help the defense. Defense always starts with the forwards and continues all the way through to the goaltender. I must admit, though, that most of the time I'm watching the puck so the positioning of the forwards as the play develops is kind of "invisible" to me. (That is one of the reasons that I like to watch Tim Hoke and Randi Marcum's game of the week.) I'm able to look for things that I missed during the game.....pretty quiet day on the blog, kind of like a "cease fire" was declared and I'm glad. In the end we are all komet fans and want nothing more than for them to win. We, sometimes, have different opinions on how that should be done and I hope we can learn to respect differing thoughts other than our own. I do enjoy reading all of the comments ( even the "jabs" by RunningKomet on my books, and from Blake on the oxymoron; quick thought-Alan, and by Dschebig who bounces me every once in a while, and others). Everyone is just having fun and while we take the Komets seriously, sometimes we may take each other too seriously. We can all learn from each other as no one has all the answers. I hope this finds everyone well and, of course, GO KOMETS.

Tue, 03/09/2010 - 4:30pm

This explains why Dupuis gets so many minor penalties. He pinches, gets beat, and hooks the opposing team's player.

Blake Sebring
Tue, 03/09/2010 - 5:00pm

Exactly, because a lot of times there is supposed to be a forward covering his backside. Not all the time, though. That's how I started on this story because I wondered why Guy was getting caught so much.

Tue, 03/09/2010 - 5:39pm

Good point Blake. You should do a story on back checking and interview Syrozynski for it! All jokes aside, that could be a interesting story since the Komets have consistently had some of the best defensive forwards in the league.

Blake Sebring
Tue, 03/09/2010 - 6:11pm

One reason why they need Huk back.

Tue, 03/09/2010 - 7:07pm

I think the times when our D-men get caught pinching are times when they pinch on plays our forwards arent expecting them to... On numerous occasions I've seen us get caught when all three forwards are down low fighting for the puck, the puck squirts loose and a d-man goes for it' but gets beat by a defender who gets the outlet pass out right away for a 2-1 break...

Dupuis' heart and head are right there every time its a good one to pinch, however, his legs just arent there like they used to be to recover if he's beaten to the puck.

DeAngelis could be our Dupuis-in-waiting... Phillips is really good.. Mironovic makes up for his lack of speed by taking great angles and using that 14 foot long stick of his...lol Roger is sitting on the bench for unknown reasons...head scratcher, IMO. Would be nice if we can keep this good young core of d-men together for awhile...

Dave W
Tue, 03/09/2010 - 7:44pm

Good article I knowthat the KOMETS could hold these young D-men together for a while. I think that our forwards need to help more. Also we need one forward to step up to become a pain in the butt in front during the power play.