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Tailing the Komets

The deal with Ruid

Just talked to Komets General Manager David Franke, and he said the team is talking with forward J.C. Ruid, but a decision won't be coming before next week.

"I really don't know what he's going to do,'' Franke said. "We've talked to him two or three times and, in fact, I just got off the phone with him. He's considering going to Germany and talking to two or three other teams in our league as well, and told me he'd make a decision by next week.''

Ruid, 31, is a 6-foot-4, 215-pound forward who played for Komets coach Pat Bingham with Asheville in 2000-01, scoring 34 and 75 points in 74 games. He also played for Bigham in Adirondack in 2002-03, scoring 40 goals and 96 points in 71 games. With Wheeling in 2003-04, he scored 20 goals and 59 points in 48 games, also while playing under Bingham.

If the Komets sign him, that would give the team eight veterans with seven allowed to play each night.

"We're not talking to any other veterans right now,'' Franke said. "If he doesn't sign, we'll probably try to go find a non-vet for that spot.''

Even if Ruid signs, that does not necessarily mean the Komets would have to cut a veteran. It's possible, and probably likely, they would carry eight and use one as a supersub. Where else would they find a player on short notice during the season who might have all-around skills?

Franke said it's looking like the Komets will have 25 or 26 players coming to training camp which starts Oct. 2.

I know there have been questions about goaltender Daniel Ljung, but Franke said there's a reason he's coming to camp. Ljung already has a job at Culver Military Academy and could be used as the Komets' emergency goaltender during the season.

``We talked this summer and he just asked if he could come to camp,'' Franke said. "He is from Swedne and has played a lot in Europe.''

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Sun, 09/17/2006 - 12:34pm

Yeah, I heard that also. But remember, here in the States it's called the No Fun League! LOL

Tony E
Sun, 09/17/2006 - 1:44pm

Lol and people around here wonder why I support the Colts instead of the Lions. LOL

Sun, 09/17/2006 - 3:26pm


Tony E
Sun, 09/17/2006 - 3:35pm

Amen to that LOL

Mon, 09/18/2006 - 5:35am

When it comes right down to it, we do have a "list" of players we wnat to see and not want to see, but the Frankes and Bingham are the only ones who actually gat to choose. I will try and wait and see what happens. I have my reservations about some.

The real football is tonight anyway.


Mon, 09/18/2006 - 5:44am

Don't know if anybody saw this, but Rockford's other goaltender Ronnie Vogel is going to play for Corpu Christy in the CHL this year. Who's going to play goal for them I wonder???

Mon, 09/18/2006 - 9:00am

I have to say that I agree with you Blake. You did start this blog and you have the right to approve or disapprove of what we get into. I think that we need to wait and see how these guys perform before we start bashing them so much. Just because someone is bigger or has a big name doesn't mean that they'll play worth squat for us. Let's just bring on the hockey and a couple months down the road, we'll see.

Tony E
Tue, 09/19/2006 - 10:23am

Tie Domi, the #4 penalty minutes guy in NHL history will retire at 4 oclock today.

Tue, 09/19/2006 - 4:36pm

According to Rockford's site, they have Brendan Cuthbert, who played for Missouri last year, as the only goalie signed.

Hit Somebody!!!
Tue, 09/19/2006 - 5:35pm

Sure isn't Vogel or Robinson. They may be hurting just a tad bit.

kjol lahti
Wed, 09/20/2006 - 11:00am

Daniel Ljung as the backup goalie in case someone gets hurt is a good idea. Having coached/massaged him for his 4 years at lawrence university. he will be a good insurance policy goalie for the team if needed.

Wed, 09/20/2006 - 11:52am

You know now that Ljung was mentioned, anybody know what Brian Gratz has going this year?

And I thought of something not to long ago. You have two guys, JC Ruid, who the Komets want to sign, and Jim Duhart, another who the Komets want to unload. Ruid has offers from at least three teams and a decision to make while the Komets can't peddle Duhart and if Duhart had an offer from another league I would think he would have taken it by now. Just things to make you wonder about.

Wed, 09/20/2006 - 12:30pm

I think Brian signed with Youngstown of the CHl. Go Brian!

Wed, 09/20/2006 - 12:38pm

Good for him.

Hit Somebody!!!
Wed, 09/20/2006 - 6:02pm

I wish I could find somebody to coach/massage me....SWEET!!!!!