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Opening Arguments

Demographic hell

Those darn Catholics, refusing to stay in their herd where they belong:

There is no one such thing as a Catholic voter," said Cathleen Kaveny, a professor of law and theology at Notre Dame, who attended the event in South Bend and is a member of Obama's national steering committee of Catholic advisers.

Catholics, who account for about 18 percent of the population of Indiana and a quarter of the national electorate, are much more diverse in the United States than they are often portrayed, Kaveny said.

But we can't do our political analyses if we can't rely on group identity! Every Soccer Mom has to vote like every other Soccer Mom. A blue-collar beer-drinker has to be true to his own! Reagan Democrats aren't allowed to behave independently! If we let this get out of hand, people will insist on being treated as individuals, for heaven's sake, allowed to think and act any old way they please. Then where would we be?