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What's Bloomin'


Did you know that the word blog is short for web log – imagine that?


A few years ago I began to receive enthusiastic email messages about blogging and how easy it was to have a personal blog site and how everyone should have one, etc.  Anxious to prove I was cool where “blogs” were concerned, and not wishing to admit that this new term was way over my head, I spent a lot of time asking questions of my children and grandchildren and then when even that didn’t make sense to me, I spent even more time setting up a free blog site that my internet service offered.

That blog site looked lovely but never went beyond choosing colorful borders (flowers of course) and picking out fancy fonts and backgrounds. I still didn’t really understand that once these pretty designs were added that this was an online diary or journal if you prefer, and was being offered as a way for me to talk about my hobbies, life experiences, and of course, gardening.

Fortunately, since then, I’ve learned to appreciate this terrific means of expression. When the News-Sentinel offered me an opportunity to “blog” in connection with my column – I jumped at the chance.

Many times when writing my weekly column, I have wanted to say more about a subject, but there just wasn’t room. Now I can finish a thought or just chat about things that are happening in my garden or yours – and I can do it daily if there are things to talk about – and let’s face it, where gardening is concerned, there are always things to talk about.

When it’s time for events like the Home & Garden Show, I’ll be able to blog about what happens from a personal perspective. I will also be able to add photos and clipart – and really have fun with it.

Best of all, I’m looking forward to interacting with you, my readers, so that gardeners throughout News-Sentinel-land can benefit from our experiences. I’m including my email address so you can write me personally.  I’ll make every effort to answer gardening questions you may have – and with your permission, blog about them or use them in my column.