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Opening Arguments

Dirty vegetable lover!

I had thought some of the campaigning so far this year was about as dirty as possible, but this is really beyond the pale:

HELENA - Republican gubernatorial candidate Roy Brown this week accused Democrats of spreading a false rumor that he is a vegetarian in this meat-loving state.

"I am not and have never been a vegetarian," Brown said.

"I am disgusted by the baseless allegation that I am a vegetarian and that my personal eating habits should somehow be construed as opposed to the economic interests of Montana's livestock industry."

Brown did say that he and his family temporarily cut back on their consumption of meat and dairy products 25 years ago when they were caring for a dying loved one who couldn't eat those products.

Don't know if Mr. Brown can really recover from the smear. "Vegetarian" is one of those accusations, like "racist" or "pedophile," that stick no matter how vehemently they are denied. And he certainly didn't help himself by admitting that they "cut back" on meat 25 years ago for the benefit of a "dying loved one." If he can cut back, he can give it up, right?


Tue, 11/04/2008 - 1:28pm

I guess picking up the PETA vote just wasn't good enough?