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Tailing the Komets

Does anybody remember?

When Frank Littlejohn was traded to Quad City, all you heard on here was moaning about how the Komets should have gone out and gotten him no matter what the cost. I said that was nuts, that Littlejohn was too much of a hothead who cost his team with penalties, pointing to last year's playoff series against the Komets when he was their best player while playing for Missouri. Anybody remember that?

It's the middle of the first period today and Littlejohn already has three minor penalties.

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Sun, 04/09/2006 - 11:16am

Blake so what? In 11 games he has 4 goals and 5 assist for 9 points and is a +4. Galbraith has already got a 1 game suspension and has 4 pims today...

Sun, 04/09/2006 - 11:24am

And Littlejohn is 22 games,6 goals and 10 points and minus-seven against the Komets. You guys are in love with him simply because he fights. He's a loser in all other aspects of the game. I'll take Galbraith over him any day of the week.

Sun, 04/09/2006 - 11:26am

The K's have countered with 4 penalties so far in the second period, a 2-man right after we take the lead....

Sun, 04/09/2006 - 11:32am

How can you call him a loser, Lance and Littlejohn are the same player..Littlejohns numbers are comparable to Luciuk...
He is traditionally a 45+ points guy a year, has played in the AHL....Depending on how long Chaulk is out and it may be for good, I would love to have him on our team...

Sun, 04/09/2006 - 11:35am

Also he had 60+'s points last year...

Sun, 04/09/2006 - 11:42am

Yeah, 61 points and he was minus-11. In the playoffs in six games he had one goal, two points and was minus-5. That's awful. This year? 44 points and he's minus-26!

Career playoffs: 19 games, six goals, eight points and 70! penalty minutes. You can have him. Wonder how many seris his teams have won? TRY ABSOLUTELY NONE! Wonder why?

Sun, 04/09/2006 - 11:51am

I never thought we would ever see Scott Gruhl in a K's uniform. I thought he was one of the biggest #@!%#@'s in the game. You could be public enemy #1 but as long as you came in and played Komet hockey the fans would love you. I bet if Littlejohn was a tweener the K's might have gone after him at the trade deadline....I personally would have liked to see a little size, someone good around the net who wasnt a vet picked up at the deadline; but I like the team as is, good bunch of guys.

Sun, 04/09/2006 - 12:12pm

Well let's see his Missouri squad took the K's to 7 games a year ago...Blake aren't you the one who does not put much creedence into the +/-'s stats....If that is the case Lance is a -6 for the year on a winning team...

Sun, 04/09/2006 - 12:41pm

Actually, I put a lot into plus-minus because that tells me a great deal about what kind of a team player you are.

And Lance is plus-7 over his last 34 games. He's also won a wing in the ECHL and played in the Memorial Cup Finals.

Don't try to pull stats out on me David! I'll kick your fanny with stats! LOL.

Sun, 04/09/2006 - 12:43pm

Blake I suggest we drop them and settle this the old fashion way with good old dance..do u prefre the waltz or two step?,,just kidding

Sun, 04/09/2006 - 12:46pm

Charleston, actually. I'm old, remember?

Tony E
Sun, 04/09/2006 - 1:13pm

Not old Blake.....just bald...........UH OH!!! Man am I glad I am 3 hours away LOL. See what whine and cry beer league softball does to my already bad attitude?

Sun, 04/09/2006 - 4:44pm

Don't get cocky, Tony. I may be a lot bigger than you but I sure am slow.

Jungle Monkey
Sun, 04/09/2006 - 6:19pm

And if Blake can't take you, he'll get his boy Jorde to do it for him. After all the waivers clear, of course.

Tony E
Sun, 04/09/2006 - 6:29pm

LOL LOL LOL thanks Blake and Jungle. I needed the laughs after a long day. :-)