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Opening Arguments

A dog's life

I feel like Fort Wayne Observed today. I have a story of a heinous crime, direct from a news release to you. It features a kidnapping, a fugitive who flees to another state and an intrepid small-town reporter who won't give up on a good story. Here's the whole thing, direct from Peggy Bender, humane educaion specialist for Animal Care & Control (where the photo also comes from):

Bobby, a small two-year-old brown Rat Terrier mix, is missing and was reported stolen by 80-year-old Lillian Brown from their cozy Arizona trailer court April 2, 2007.  Bobby has been Lillian's constant companion and love after losing her husband of 48 years.  Lillian had arranged for a neighbor to watch Bobby while she went to a doctor's appointment.  The neighbors told Lillian that they had returned Bobby to her trailer; however, when she came home, Bobby wasn't there.

Bobby Bobby was recovered from a home in Fort Wayne early Monday, June 4 ,and is now safe and sound at Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control.  He was recovered after newspaper reporter Jill Jones with The News in Apache Junction Arizona traced the dog to Fort Wayne.  Lillian Brown had always thought Bobby had been stolen by a neighbor who lives in Fort Wayne but rented space in the trailer park directly across from Lillian for the summer.  The reporter used sources in Fort Wayne to locate the dog.

Fort Wayne Police responded to the stolen dog call after being
contacted by Apache Junction Police Chief Glen Walb.  Bobby was recovered, taken to Animal Care & Control and is scheduled to be flown home later today by Continental Airlines.  Bobby will first receive a microchip for permanent identification.  Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control employees have all fallen in love with the little brown dog called Bobby and have been working with Continental Airlines to secure a flight. An animal
control officer will drive Booby to Indianapolis later today for his
flight home to Lillian.

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