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Tailing the Komets

Draft results

The International Hockey League (IHL) conducted a dispersal draft on Wednesday to disperse players from the 2006-07 final rosters of the Chicago Hounds, Elmira Jackals, Quad City Mallards and Rockford IceHogs.  Those four Member Clubs will not participate in the 2007-08 IHL season.

 The order in which current Member Clubs selected players was based on their winning percentage in the final standings of the 2006-07 season, with lowest-ranked teams choosing first.  By choosing a player in the dispersal draft, IHL teams have the rights to the selected player for the 2007-08 season.



(Team)                       (Player)

Bloomington                Don Parsons (F), Quad City

Port Huron                  Marty Magers (G), Chicago

Flint                              Steve MacIntyre (D), Quad City

Kalamazoo                 Chris Busby (D), Chicago

Muskegon                  Todd Grant (LW), Chicago

Fort Wayne                 Sergei Durdin (D), Quad City


Bloomington                Jason Tapp (G), Quad City

Port Huron                  Chris Gehrke (D), Chicago

Flint                              Frederic Cloutier (G), Rockford

Kalamazoo                 Chris Mann (D), Quad City

Muskegon                  Mark Nebus (F), Chicago

Fort Wayne                 Justin Chwedoruk (F), Quad City


Bloomington                Tim Wedderburn (D), Elmira

Port Huron                  Mike Letizia (D), Rockford

Flint                              Brent Currie (D), Quad City

Kalamazoo                 Joel Rechlicz (RW), Chicago

Muskegon                  Matt Johnson (F), Chicago

Fort Wayne                 Brett Pilkington (F), Quad City


Bloomington                Jason Ralph (F), Rockford

Port Huron                  Robert Chappell (D), Elmira

Flint                              Nathan Lutz (D), Rockford

Kalamazoo                 Jordan Hart (D), Chicago

Muskegon                  Matt Amado (C), Chicago

Fort Wayne                 Jesse Bennefield (RW), Rockford


Bloomington                B.J. Radovich (C), Chicago

Port Huron                  David Morelli (F), Elmira

Flint                              Paul Brown (RW), Rockford

Kalamazoo                 Tim Plett (F), Chicago

Muskegon                  Sean Starke (F), Quad City

Fort Wayne                 Anthony Pototschnik (F), Quad City


Bloomington                Jake Moreland (G), Rockford

Port Huron                  Bryce Cockburn (RW), Rockford

Flint                              Luke Stauffacher (F), Quad City

Kalamazoo                 Maris Ziedins (C), Chicago

Muskegon                  Bruce Watson (LW), Rockford

Fort Wayne                 Mike Sgroi (LW), Elmira


Bloomington                Matt Radoslovich (F), Quad City

Port Huron                  Drew Otten (F), Chicago

Flint                              Dan Veenema (D), Elmira

Kalamazoo                 Matt Gens (D), Rockford

Muskegon                  Corey Hessler (D), Rockford

Fort Wayne                 Travis Granbois (F), Quad City

Bloomington                Mike Oliveira (C), Elmira

Port Huron                  Dan Boeser (D), Rockford

Flint                              Luke Fritshaw (D), Rockford

Kalamazoo                 Preston Mizzi (C), Rockford

Muskegon                  Benoit Doucet (LW), Rockford

Fort Wayne                 Erik Anderson (C), Elmira

Bloomington                Andrei Lupandin (D), Elmira

Port Huron                  Darryl McArthur (D), Chicago

Flint                              Jason Notermann (LW), Rockford

Kalamazoo                 Brad Smith (G), Quad City

Muskegon                  Jami Yoder (D), Quad City

Fort Wayne                 Mike Kautz (D), Chicago


Bloomington                Chad Loikets (D), Rockford

Port Huron                  Mike Brolsma (C), Quad City

Flint                              Curtis Tidball (RW), Elmira

Kalamazoo                 Rod Aldoff (D), Chicago

Muskegon                  Kelly Miller (C), Chicago

Fort Wayne                 Will McMahon (F), Quad City


Bloomington                Josh Elzinga (D), Chicago

Port Huron                  Scott Seney (C), Chicago

Flint                              Zach Sikich (G), Elmira

Kalamazoo                 Nicolas Corbeil (C), Rockford

Muskegon                  Thomas Zabkowicz (D), Chicago

Fort Wayne                 Shawn Degagne (G), Elmira


Bloomington                Patrick Nadeau (RW), Quad City

Port Huron                  Dave Lemanowicz (G), Chicago

Flint                              T.J. Reynolds (D), Elmira

Kalamazoo                 Andrew Leach (F), Elmira

Muskegon                  Kaleb Betts (F), Rockford

Fort Wayne                 Bobby Kukulka (RW), Elmira


Bloomington                Mike Doyle (LW), Rockford

Port Huron                  Kevin Ulanski (F), Rockford

Flint                              Pass

Kalamazoo                 Dale Lupul (D), Quad City

Muskegon                  Derek Miller (D), Quad City

Fort Wayne                 Frank Littlejohn (RW), Elmira


Bloomington                Noah Katz (C), Elmira

Port Huron                  Chad Woollard (F), Quad City

Flint                              Pass

Kalamazoo                 Blake Stewart (LW), Quad City

Muskegon                  Scott Drevitch (D), Elmira

Fort Wayne                 Chaz Johnson (RW), Rockford


Bloomington                Eric Lind (D), Elmira

Port Huron                  Marc Lefebvre (LW), Elmira

Flint                              ---

Kalamazoo                 ---

Muskegon                  ---

Fort Wayne                 ---


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Wed, 06/27/2007 - 12:03pm

Looks like they went bit and for some gritty players.

Wed, 06/27/2007 - 12:07pm

dont you think johnson would stick with rockford and littlejohn with elmira?

Wed, 06/27/2007 - 12:17pm

Sims wants toughness, he just got it with some of these guys. Johnson is like another Morency. To have Morency, Johnson, and Henley all on the same line would be awesome!!!

Wed, 06/27/2007 - 12:51pm


How many of those players do you think would actually sign with the team? Having Johnson, Littlejohn and Bennefield would definitely add some size and muscle to the team.

Tony E
Wed, 06/27/2007 - 1:00pm

Surprised with Tapp and Cloutier available in the first round the Komets did not take one. The picks are interesting though I have no interest in the likes of Chaz Johnson. Nothing to get too worked up over in any case because as history shows, very few of these players ever sign with the teams that draft them.

Wed, 06/27/2007 - 1:02pm

GUys, look. Littlejohn and Johnson fell to the later rounds. I can't imagine that they would fall that far without something going on. If they did sign I think those are huge steals. I'm not too optomistic there.

How about Flint picking up Tidball and McIntyre.

I like the Chewdoruk and Pilkington picks. Durdin first is interesting. Kautz is interestig to me as well. I thought they would try and pick up one of the goalies like Tapp, but maybe they have other things in mind.

Wed, 06/27/2007 - 1:03pm

Clouiter is signed in Europe Tony so It's no surprise they didn't choose him. I am surprised they didn't go Tapp though. With goaltendingbeing a big need I figured they fill that quick. Guess I was wrong.

Wed, 06/27/2007 - 1:05pm

Shoot the playoff MVP Ulanski fell to the thirteenth round.

Wed, 06/27/2007 - 1:05pm

littlejohn is signed with elmira

Tony E
Wed, 06/27/2007 - 1:07pm

I thought he was signing somewhere but then why did Flint take him so high?

Littlejohn was a guy I mentioned this past season as being on my wish list until someone pointed out to me that he had nothing but a losing playoff track record no matter where he has played. I guess Fort Wayne is the place to turn that around.

Tony E
Wed, 06/27/2007 - 1:09pm

I am going to keep track of how many of these guys sign with the teams that drafted them. Any guesses either percent or total number? I would guess roughly 25 percent at best.

Tony E
Wed, 06/27/2007 - 1:11pm

Shawn Degagne is an interesting pick. He was a succesful CHL goalie who did not get much chance to play in the U last year.

Wed, 06/27/2007 - 1:12pm

My guess would be less than 15%

Jerad Shaw
Wed, 06/27/2007 - 1:19pm

I think Ft. Wayne has the best chance of signing the best percentage of players from this draft. By far the best place to play in the league, with the best fans. I personally, think Chaz Johnson would be great in Ft. Wayne. Alot of speed, and alot of toughness. Flint just tried to tell the rest of the league that they are going to have the toughest team in the league, if they can sign the players they are after.

Tony E
Wed, 06/27/2007 - 1:22pm

Sorry but I am not going to forget what a cheap shot artist Johnson has been his entire career just because he puts on an orange and black uniform.

Wed, 06/27/2007 - 1:24pm

One out of 10 last year wasn't a good average Jerad.

Wed, 06/27/2007 - 1:25pm

me too tony i dont know if i could cheer for him...i just may not boo him as much

Wed, 06/27/2007 - 1:32pm

Come on, once he lays someone out, both of you'll will be screaming at the top of your lungs. :-D

Wed, 06/27/2007 - 1:33pm

watson to muskegon.....think his ankle bracelet will reach that far?

Wed, 06/27/2007 - 1:35pm

McIntyre and Tidball to Flint, what does that tell you?

Wed, 06/27/2007 - 1:36pm

American version of the LNAH?????

Wed, 06/27/2007 - 1:38pm

That's my guess. If it's more fisticuffs the IHL wants, those two should provide it.

Tony E
Wed, 06/27/2007 - 1:54pm

Lol Greg you know me better than that. ;-) I cheer the jersey and not the player and I am not going to be one of those people who has no respect for the guy before he comes to town, then join his fan club while he is in town only to go back to no respect again once he leaves town. If he is a Komet and the team does well then good for them but I will never respect a player who is a head hunter and either hits you from behind or with his elbows up. I don't care what uniform he wears.

Wed, 06/27/2007 - 1:55pm

Why is a guy like Tidball even playing anymore? He should be banned from hockey for what he did to Hansen. Can't stand that guy!

Wed, 06/27/2007 - 1:56pm

Really wish we would have picked Mizzi or Lutz from Rockford...

Wed, 06/27/2007 - 2:02pm

I know Tony, just yankin your chain. :-P What do think of guys like Mizzi, Johnson, and Littlejohn falling where they did?

Wed, 06/27/2007 - 2:08pm

Teresa, to answer your question, Tidball would be the "specialty guy with the physical presence" that the IHL wants to bring in with that extra roster spot.

Wed, 06/27/2007 - 2:10pm

I can't believe a team would pick up the likes of Bruce Watson when guys like Gens, Johnson, Mizzi and Noterman were still available.

Wed, 06/27/2007 - 2:10pm

I pity Kelly Miller if he ends up playing alongside Watson in Muskegon!

Wed, 06/27/2007 - 2:12pm

Chaz Johnson is the biggest minor hockey league joke there is... I hope he's not one of the players that the K's end up signing.