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Opening Arguments

Fat times

Should we feel good about ourselves when our standing is improved only when others do even worse than we do?

Although adults in Indiana continue to gain weight, they're not doing so as quickly as many other states, an annual ranking of obesity across the nation finds.

With 28.1 percent of its adults obese, Indiana fell to 17th, after clocking in last year at 16th heaviest with 27.4 percent, according to the seventh annual report from the Trust for America's Health and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


Earlier this decade, Indiana routinely ranked among the top 10 fattest states. But as the numbers now show, it's not that Indiana has gotten thinner but that other states have grown fatter.

Maybe we should wish that residents of other states eat even more -- we could end up being the "healthiest" state without ever having to get off the couch or put down the chips. Call it schadenfat.