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Tailing the Komets


Posted in: Komets


Wed, 01/04/2012 - 1:11pm

Blake, please do me a favor the next time you speak to Bob Chase.

Please ask Bob Chase that, when a penalty is called, to remember that he is our "eyes". He has a terrible habit of not informing his listeners which team the penalty is being called on. He seems to want to wait on who the guilty individual is. If you have listened to his broadcasts this might seem familiar:

Chase: "Whoa, there's a whistle and play is stopped. What did this guy call? Whatever it is it took place at the 11:23 mark in the period. He's called a penalty but to whom I have no idea. I'm trying to see but I can't tell you. Still can't tell you. Still can't tell you. Ha!! This is weird but I'm trying to sort this out. OK, it appears it is a "slash" on Chaulk."

Bob, you are our eyes. It is more important for me to know which team is being called for the penalty. Then tell me the guilty guy and the call.

You've seen a million games and there are certainly ways for you to tell before any announcement. Which goalie fled the ice? Which penalty door opened? Which side of the scoreboard is putting up numbers? Which team is arguing with the referee are just a few clues.

I know this has been a tough year for Chase but this is relatively simple.

Wed, 01/04/2012 - 5:07pm

Alan..I can tell you sometimes we haven't a clue until the referee actually tells us on who and what he called. I do know and understand what your saying.

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 12:49am
Thu, 01/05/2012 - 10:38am

Dschebig, it was nice to stop and say "hello" to you on Saturday night.

I'm sure, once in a while, the referee isn't quick with the info. However if you listen a lot, you will notice more and more his lack of informing his audience on the guilty team. Since no one else has chimed in on this it must just be me. I just think it's more important to find out who's going on the power play and penalty kill first, and then getting caught up on the details.

By the way Burgee, how long did it take you to come up with your last comment?

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 11:12am

Alan I understand your comment completely. It is very frustrating when you are listening to a game and not know what is going on.

Blake Sebring
Thu, 01/05/2012 - 11:30am

Sometimes on the road, it is a function of where the visiting radio spot is. In Bloomington, Quad City and I think Evansville (not positive there) it's at one end of the the rink so you can't see well at the other end. As an example, Bob told me he could not see much of the Henley-Rechlicz fight from Tuesday night well from his position, partly because it was close to the boards.

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 3:20pm

Thanks Blake. When you spoke to Bob did you happen to mention my request? While I'm certain that, at times, and for whatever reason, it may be hard for him to convey the information, there still exists the above clues. Adding to those would include which team controls the puck when the whistle blows.

Thank you Sharon for your post. I was beginning to wonder if it was only me.

Speaking of Bob and his broadcasts. I have been able to decipher who he is talking about when he uses the word "they" for both teams.

No more on Bob Chase from me. He has been remarkable when you think of his longevity. Just wanted to make a couple of suggestions. Besides, he has already had a tough first half of the season.

Blake Sebring
Thu, 01/05/2012 - 7:07pm

No, Alan, I did not ask Bob about that.