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Tailing the Komets

A few notes

* The league is reviewing the hit by Datyon's Greg Labenski against Konstantin Shafranov and a decision is expected on Tuesday. Will Labenski get suspended? I think so and I wonder if it will be similar to the five games that Brad MacMillan got last year for the Glenn Detulleo hit. Same situation.

* Scoring average in the league is down to 3.0 per team per game. Last year it was 3.54 and Bloomington was the lowest at 3.1 per game. Is that parity or good goaltending? Possibly, though I believe it's a decrease in offensive talent. I have seen solid goaltending, but I haven't seen great goaltending. I don't doubt the goaltending is good, but I haven't seen it challenged that much yet. Everybody is looking for offense. Also, call me nuts (boy, there's an opening), but I think the condition of the ice across the league could be part of this. I've seen more bouncing, rolling pucks, and that affects offense more than defense.

* Tim Haun now leads the IHL with a 2.14 goals against average. He'll be the Goalie of the Week.

* The lack of consistent points are standing out for the Komets veterans, but even moreso are all the minor penalties. They have to find a way to cut that out.

* Coach Al Sims said he thinks Blair Stayzer's shoulder won't prevent him from playing Friday, and Travis Whitehead's knee should not prevent him from playing, either. Kevin Bertram also comes off IR and will be in the lineup Friday. That means the Komets have to make some moves.

* The IHL Board of Governors is meeting early this week in Detroit. They'll get updates on Chicago and Evansville franchises, and it's the first time new commissioner Dennis Hextall gets to meet with everyone in the same room. This is the meeting they usually have in September but it got delayed to allow everyone to ramp up for the season.

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michael reidt
Mon, 11/16/2009 - 6:32pm

i was talking to some fans from chicago sat night who game down for the game and mentioned the rumor of chicago adding a team in the IHL and they were all stunned and said the heard nothing of the sorts, then they went on to discuss where they could possibly play

Hit Somebody!!!
Mon, 11/16/2009 - 7:07pm

There are 2 possible places to play...

Hoffman Estates-Sears Centre and Dundee-Polar Dome

Which one will it be?

And will Bloomington have a place to play next year? Sounds like it is up in the air, I posted an article here last week on that situation. The city is looking to sell the US Cellular Coliseum or close it. It has made a profit one month out of 2 years.....the month Kenny Chesney was there. Otherwise, losing money all the time. Will someone buy it and save it for $40 million??? You game Super Fan? LOL

Lots of financial unknowns out there. Can Dayton survive with crowds around 800-1000 much longer? The Hara Arena needs lots of updates and lots of help. Dayton has a nice team this year, people aren't noticing it at all. Flint is in deep poo. They can't win a game...will the fans support a loser still?

I don't know guys and gals.

Blake Sebring
Mon, 11/16/2009 - 8:13pm

I'd only have to sell two or three more books.

Mon, 11/16/2009 - 8:19pm

Super Fan-- One million seller novel would do it!

Hit Somebody!!!
Mon, 11/16/2009 - 9:25pm

You could collect all my blog entries, the good, the bad, and the ugly ones, and publish a book....or 4 books. LOL They have to be worth something, right?

Actually, nevermind.....I don't think I want to see any of those. Sorry.