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Tailing the Komets

Fight, fight, fight

For once, there's not a whole lot going on, (and the other option was talking about the success of the penalty kill. Yawn) so I thought I'd ask what you want to talk about. Anyone got any ideas?

Today's fight story was interesting for me because it made me consider a couple of different things. 1. The lack of fighting in college and European hockey is having a bigger impact than I thought; and 2. Many players simply don't want to fight today so they just ignore that part of the game. They don't see the need to get involved.

I hope I'm dead wrong about this part of it, too, but it used to be that the guys who fought were the most-respected players on the team. I'm not so sure that's as true anymore because there's a growing segment of players who don't see it as a necessary part of the game. They see it as still a part of the game, but a diminishing part.

What a tough way to make a living.

Also, Frenchy skated at practice but did not go in net, and David Carpentier might be out a while longer than expected. They don't want to take a chance on aggravating his groin strain and possibly losing him for the season.

Because the Komets don't want to have to put Frenchy on injured reserve and lose him for a week or more, they'll probably use ``1-0 Joe'' Franke as an emergency back-up on Wednesday.

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Tue, 01/17/2006 - 12:38pm

I think you are wrong about the fighters not being respected. I think they realize what a tough job it is. If a "goal score" has a off night he may miss the net with a shot ect. if a fighter has a "off" night then he takes a beating or gets Ko'ed. Maybe some of the younger guys don't realize how hard it is but if you ask Chaulk or P.C Drouin I'm willing to bet anything they respect that job. If you watch a "euro" game there is alot of skating and very little checking. Not fun for me to watch!! I'm still recovering from the loss of Worlton and Stewert

Tue, 01/17/2006 - 12:46pm

I'm not saying they aren't respected or that they shouldn't be. I just don't think they get as much respect as they used to.

Tue, 01/17/2006 - 1:02pm

Did anyone catch the Alexander Ovechkin goal last night? Outside of Marek Malik's shootout "between the legs" game winner, that might be the best goal I have seen in recent memory. The reaction of the Coyote defenseman of the puck going in the net was pure classic. Simply an unbelieveable goal.

I could care less about fights in general and all the bickering that we don't see enough of it. I don't come to fights in the hopes of seeing a hockey game break out. Fighting has it place. Being dirty, doing something to the goalie after the whistle, hitting the goal scorer, running up the score, or something along those lines all probably will result in such an incident.
Its also something used to try and charge up your team or fans but you need an willing opponent.
Better rivalries tend to bring more of the bitterness and hatred out for a particular game. I hate being in the division we are in. The Quad City rivalry is pretty much dead. Its definately not what it used to be. Port Huron and Missouri are not a big deal either. I like being in with Rockford but wish we could play more of Michigan (K-zoo, Flint, Muskegeon) teams more often.
Most of Komet fights will now come within the heat of battle. Worlton was about the only guy we had begging for a dance. If we keep playing hard, finshing checks, and being an aggressor around the nets we'll be fine. If someone doesn't like it then hopefully someone steps up to deal with it.

Silly Question
Tue, 01/17/2006 - 1:13pm

Does anybody know where I can get a listing of NHL games on tv? Say, on the dish? Just wondering!! Or some good in detail hockey sites? Thanks!

Tue, 01/17/2006 - 1:19pm


Simple the best.

Tue, 01/17/2006 - 2:16pm

You can go here if you have DirecTV: http://www.directvsports.com/Schedules/Packages/NHLCenterIce/ Of course, you need to have the Center Ice package (which I just ordered at half-price!), but it'll give you a pretty good comprehensive schedule on their broadcasts.

OLN also broadcasts hockey regularly. Go here for their schedule: http://www.olntv.com/ The Devils are at the Blues tonight at 8pm.

And didn't NBC sign a contract to broadcast NHL games? I think they were going to air the Rangers/Red Wings game last Saturday, but something (football? basketball?) ran too late (or so I hear).

Tue, 01/17/2006 - 4:22pm

Well if fighting dies in hockey then I believe so do the ticket sales from the casual fan. Most people would be called liars if they said that fighting in hockey is not what made them first start coming to hockey games. When I was little going to my first game fighting is what turned me on to the game. I cant remember the pretty goals the nice assist or the stay at home defenseman, what I remembered was the bench clearing brawls between Ft Wayne and Toledo. The ultra intense games between the K's and Indy...and so on. Over the years I have come to love every facet of the game; but I believe that if I were have walked into the coliseum at that young age and seen a game filled with very little hitting, more talk than walk, a defensive minded team, and a seemingly comatose crowd I dont believe I would be a season ticket holder today. I would still come to a few games a year; but it would'nt be the same. I believe fighting in hockey has a place. I dont like the number of high sticking calls that go for penalties; but seldom see retrobution. I dont like seeing the K's top players slashed, elbowed, speared and ran constantly on a nightly basis. At least the tough guy made you look over your shoulder before you gave a dirty hit. I know that my views may not be shared by all; but thats just the way I see it....sorry so long winded...

Tue, 01/17/2006 - 5:55pm

If you don't think the fans like fighting, in the unlikely event one ever takes place again at a Komets game, check around to see how many fans use that opportunity to go buy a hot dog.

Tue, 01/17/2006 - 6:37pm

The only teams that it has change for is the K's. Kzoo, Muskegon, Rockford, Danbury, and Adirondack all have winning records but they also have 2 to 3 guys who fight. Look at boxscores when those teams play, Big Snake, Johnson, Lawmaster, Angel, Wills, Wingfield, Bennefiled..etc..here is a link : http://www.hockeyfights.com/forums/showthread.php?t=42535
Take a look for yourself tell Franke to quit trying to justify why his team has no "tough" guys because all those teams that are leading the league in W's are also the ones who are doing the fighting,

Hit Somebody!!!
Tue, 01/17/2006 - 7:59pm

I hear what Scoops is saying about rivalries, but Port Huron is not in our division. We have QC, Rockford, and Missouri. The Michigan Teams are together in one division. No biggy!!

I am glad we don't see more of Muskegon and K-Zoo this year because I don't think we can beat them. They are in a different league than we are this year.

Fighting is awesome in hockey and it has a place. People get excited to see it. It can change the complexion of a game instantly. I agree with a previous comment that the teams that are dominating this league are all teams that are aggressive and do have fighters. I don't think fighting is the most important thing, obviously we need scorers and defenders who take the body. We do need someone who can be feared on the ice and someone willing to step up when our scorers and goaltender gets a cheap-shot. We don't have anyone who will do it right now.

Wed, 01/18/2006 - 5:34am

I don't know what I was thinking when I said Port Huron. Duh....

I guess I do not really see the correlation between having 2 or 3 fighters on the team and being a winning club.

Few points:
The teams mentioned are not exactly burning up the league in PM's outside of the Trashers. Mostly middle of the pack.

Offense is talent based. Defense is more of a reflection of how hard your working. Each one of those teams lead their division in scoring and in defense. Its hard for me to argue that we don't have talent, but I don't think its as deep or as good as those other teams. I have no problem saying that in home games against some of these teams, we did simply got out worked, out hustled, out hit, out-everything'd.

Each one of the these teams simply do not lose at home. Home ice is an advantage. We have picked it up lately but overall its still not that great.

Wed, 01/18/2006 - 3:33pm

Is it me, or do the teams currently at the top seem to have alot of players called up to the AHL? Maybe thats the difference...these AHL teams pushing talent in the direction of the teams who are willing to take some of the disadvantages of having players called up during the year. I know that affiliations with teams havent worked for the K's in the past; but they may now want to look into it. I know Rockford, Muskegon, Danbury, Adirondack, and Kalamazoo have had call-ups during the last couple of years AND they seem to sign big hi scoring rookies each of the last couple of years. Maybe just maybe if we get friendly with some AHL team they may start pushin some players in our direction....

Wed, 01/18/2006 - 3:35pm

They also seem to be geographical call-ups maybe we should call the Chicago Wolves and our good buddy John Anderson to make an inquery....

Thu, 01/19/2006 - 11:06am

EURO-HOCKEY has found a home in Fort Wayne!