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Opening Arguments

Fill the moats

Mitch Harper of Indiana Parley attended the South West Area Partnership meeting and posted a report. The meeting was supposed to be primarily about the new Buckner Farm Park, but people attending wanted instead to talk about the rash of burglaries in neighborhoods around Foster Park . . .

. . . One of which is my neighborhood. Although the thieves have mostly been hitting one street over from me so far, it makes us all nervous; we pay more attention to the traffic in the neighborhood and worry about our homes when we're at work. Burglaries aren't always at the top of the police department's priority list (nor should they be, depending on what else is going on), and many burglars who don't actually get caught in the act get away with it forever. Burglary is one of those below-the-radar issues that affects the way people feel about their area, which can be a factor in a perception of declining quality of life. I've never been hit (tempting fate here), but I know from friends who have been that it forever changes what you think about your neighborhood. You never feel quite safe in your house again.

Police say they are increasing patrols, which is comforting, but a little self-help couldn't hurt.

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