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Opening Arguments

Filling in the gaps

A Hoosier judge gets creative in his sentencing:

VALPARAISO | Wanatah resident Stephanie Pochron is to report to Porter County Jail on Monday to complete a six-month sentence stemming from a drunk driving crash this past summer.

But even after she is released, she will have a tough time forgetting about the July 9 crash that left one man seriously injured and caused havoc for an Ohio family.

Porter Superior Court Judge David Chidester ordered that the wrecked vehicle Pochron was driving remain in her front yard until she completes probation in three years.

It's fine to make her think about what she did for the next three years. But, as several of the commenters on the online story pointed out, this affects more than just Pochron. The whole neighborhood will have to live with that eyesore for three years as well. That's the kind of interesting detail that an enterprising reporter could have uncovered just by talking to a few neighbors. These days, readers commenting online can help fill in the gaps the reporting leaves.