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Tailing the Komets

Finlan has no D

Finland gave up before that game ever started. Their defensive zone coverage was awful, so how in the world did they get this far? A buddy and I were watching the game and we were counting which Finland guys were doing NOTHING in the defensve zone. No. 18, you should be ashamed. (Now that, Alan, was a spanking! LOL)

Also couldn't believe how slow Finland was all over the ice. Nobody moved to the puck, they all waited for it to come to them. Did they stay up partying last night? Teemu Selanne where have your legs gone?

All that said, the way that game was so easy scares me to death for Sunday. U.S. play kept getting worse throughout the game, and I know it's hard to maintain intensity in a laugher. Best thing U.S. did today was pulling Ryan Miller. That was a GREAT move by the coach for several reasons.

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Sat, 02/27/2010 - 12:25pm

I didn't realize that Ron Wilson is the son of Larry Wilson who, in the past, was part of the "old" Dayton Gem organization. The history of the IHL is a rich one. More history than a lot of people would know or want to give credit to. Thank goodness for Mike Emrick who inserts wonderful insights to players, and the cities and leagues where they played.

Brendan Savage
Sat, 02/27/2010 - 8:00pm

Cleaver headline!