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Tailing the Komets

Franke: Komets schedule is not finished

Komets President Michael Franke said Wednesday the Komets still hope to move two or three Wednesday games to weekend dates. The Komets are waiting for the NBDL's Mad Ants to announce their schedule to see which dates are available.

Because the Komets have been Memorial Coliseum tenants for 57 years, the hockey team gets first priority for the first 30 dates it submits, Franke said.

“You're probably going to get 80 percent of them, and that's 24 dates,” he said. “The difference between 24 and 38 is 14 dates. We basically have almost every other night during the year that's not being utilized by a concert or IPFW basketball or the Mad Ants. We have to wait until the Mad Ants schedule is done.”

Franke said the reason the schedule was released Wednesday is because the other IHL teams needed to announce their dates.

The Komets currently have nine Saturday games throughout the season but play eight times on Wednesdays. Last season they had 14 Saturday home games compared to six Wednesdays which included New Year's Eve. They have not played more than six Wednesdays at home for at least 15 years.

They have also not played fewer than 10 home games on Saturdays since 1995-96. Franke said over the past five years the team has averaged 7,400 fans on Fridays and 8,200 on Saturdays.
During December, January and February, the Komets play only two games at home on Saturdays. Franke said there were only three dates offered to the Komets because the coliseum was booked, including the IHSAA Girls Basketball State Tournament and the NCAA Men's Hockey Regional.

The Komets play only six home games in December, five in January and six in February.
Another factor was the odd number in the now seven-team IHL. Franke said the clubs tried their best to keep teams idle on Fridays and Saturdays when their building was not available so it would not have a negative effect on attendance.

“This is the most difficult schedule I've ever been involved with,” Franke said. “If we can move a couple of midweek games in the next two weeks and get to between 30 and 32 dates on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, we'll be very, very happy.”

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Wed, 07/29/2009 - 5:18pm

So hold on making vacation plans./ Bloomington putting together a tough team, just added Robin Gomez.

Wed, 07/29/2009 - 6:02pm

Just buy trip insurance $19 on expedia

Wed, 07/29/2009 - 6:39pm

Vacation plans during hockey season? You're kidding, right? That's why there is an off season..... :-)

I hope they get the moves they want, weekends are starting to sound a bit dull and I think the lose of revenue isn't too cool.

Hit Somebody!!!
Wed, 07/29/2009 - 6:44pm

Super Fan Blake,

I have a serious question about Flint...although I know those questions are so popular around here. LOL I don't want to open a can of worms up that makes Burgee, Chuckitt and Dschebig turn into the Incredible Elderly Hulk. But being a responsible and concerned blogger, I must ask this.

You told us a week or so ago that Flint's team was in the hands of a very good person, and not ownership you were speaking of. Let me find the quote...."the person running the show in Flint is top-notch, has a proven track record of success and he

Blake Sebring
Wed, 07/29/2009 - 7:17pm

I thought somebody else was going to run the team, and I'm very disappointed that person isn't going to get the chance.

I really have no idea what to think about Flint. I wish I was more optimistic. I really thought the guy I heard all along was the perfect person for the job and could overcome a lot of the obstacles there if anyone could.

I can't confirm or deny any of the other stuff. Right now I'm having a hard time keeping up with Fort Wayne's team because I'm right in the middle of the high school football tab previews. I do have a couple of features banked for the next few days while I tackle that stuff. Get it? Tackle?

Yep, I need a beer. Or a joke writer.

Wed, 07/29/2009 - 7:19pm

That's just way too much to write in 1 post. That has to be some kind of blog foul.

Wed, 07/29/2009 - 7:28pm

Hit Somebody-- I assume you are a komet fan first and foremost. Having said that I am not upset with you asking questions like those. We all want to beat the rest of the teams the IHL. We also care very much about the IHL and all of the member clubs. I think we (you included) only want the best for OUR league. That means each team has to survive and the League to expand. That way the Komets can beat more and different teams. You just ask the questions we all have. Nothing wrong with that at all.

Hit Somebody!!!
Wed, 07/29/2009 - 7:39pm

Thanks Dshebig.

And thanks Blake for once again answering my question.

It is a shame that the guy going to take over the Flint mess got off the hook. This thing in Flint really bothers me. How can anyone in Flint trust the product that is being put together with the same old jokers at the helm? Ridiculous!!! I hope that the Frankes and anyone else in the league didn't put up the kind of money I would guess that they have to bail this team out of trouble and to also finance them this season if these are the same morons that are going to mis-lead the team there again this year. It is a shame.

Thanks again Blake, you are the best in the business and the blog is getting stronger by the day. People across all of Minor League hockey count on your reporting day after day and that is no lie. Without your scoop, there would be nothing to discuss and talk about on here, other places, and around the water-cooler.

Wed, 07/29/2009 - 8:03pm

I have some friends who moved to the Fort from Flint and hearing the stories they tell about how bad things are up there, even outside the realm of hockey, are pretty nuts. A lot of people (including myself) complain about how boring Fort Wayne is, but when you hear stuff like that, it kind of makes you thankful for what you have.

Wed, 07/29/2009 - 8:04pm

I think it is safe to say the only constant in minor hockey is the fort wayne ownership and I am so thankful for them.

God bless Komet nation.

Hit Somebody!!!
Wed, 07/29/2009 - 8:04pm

This Shawn Legris guy looks promising. Guys and Gals....the Komets have more fighting than we have ever seen in our lives I think.....wow. Hope this guy makes the team too!!!



Hit Somebody!!!
Wed, 07/29/2009 - 8:19pm

I posted some fights I found from one of the Komet rookies...Shawn Legris.

As soon as it is moderated, then you should be able to view them. Hopefully.

The Komets are going to be scary, that is if Big Al lets them entertain us this year. That is a big "IF".

Wed, 07/29/2009 - 8:26pm

Didn't pass the superfan censorship committee?

Hit Somebody!!!
Wed, 07/29/2009 - 8:28pm

Not yet.

You could go to Youtube and type in Shawn Legris....it brings up both fights. There is one where he has a showdown with a goalie....it is very odd.

Hit Somebody!!!
Wed, 07/29/2009 - 8:30pm

Bloomington is going to be tough. They signed Ryan Finnerty and Gomez. Both are physical and very good. Bloomington might be a playoff team this season.

Wed, 07/29/2009 - 8:34pm

I can see bloomy in the playoffs

Blake Sebring
Wed, 07/29/2009 - 8:42pm

Beats me, but for some reason one of your responses popped into spam, Hit. That happens every once in a while and I don't know why. Back to football.

Hit Somebody!!!
Wed, 07/29/2009 - 9:13pm

Probably due to me attaching a couple of links. I would bet those posts go directly to moderation just in case someone was spamming the board with ads or crap like that. No big deal. Just thought you all would enjoy seeing this young guy fight a little. I never have saw a fight where both guys strip down out of their jerseys to fight like that, I mean at least the goalie. I think Turdball used to take off his jersey and show-off his tatoos. What a jerk he was.

Wed, 07/29/2009 - 9:33pm

Thanks for the links Hit. Did you see the goalie fight that came up after the first video? You can also see it listed under related videos. It's titled "Pisellini vs Crandall Goalie Fight". Those guys are really throwing them like a couple of seasoned enforcers!

Wed, 07/29/2009 - 10:57pm

I guess he looks promising as long as he doesn't have to fight that goalie in the first video... not too sure he won that one... I'm not sure fighting will get him on this team though with the roster we have lined up so far. I'm thinking the hockey masters will be looking for penalty killers and people who can put the puck in the net. I could be completely wrong though, Lord knows it's happened before.

Wed, 07/29/2009 - 11:51pm

So how many fights a game do you think we're looking at here? If they load up on any more tough guys, the Komets will look a lot like the squad the Syracuse Bulldogs put on the ice at the end of "Slap Shot". LOL.

komets pa
Thu, 07/30/2009 - 12:10am


Got a beer for ya. All ya gotta do is come out to New Haven some Thursday night and pick it up. I'm working during the summer running a karaoke show at Rack & Helen's from 9:30-1:30. That's an invite to all you Komet fans too, and yes I do have to sing. BTW congrats this weekend to Komets Assistant Equipment Manager Andy Desmonds who's tying the knot this Saturday up in Kendallville. Also, anyone know someone hiring (besides Flint)? I could use a nice full time job where someone might end up with some of my free Komet tickets from time to time. Thanks in advance and of course "Go Komets!"

Thu, 07/30/2009 - 9:07am

I watched those Shawn Legris fights that were posted and I have to say that I'm not impresssed at all. Hey guys, this is just my opinion and I know that everyone seems to love the rough stuff (me too), but I think the K's have enough enforcers now. You win games by putting the puck in the net and keeping it out of your net. I want to see them pick up more skill. I would hope they can find two more snipers and maybe an offensive minded defenseman. Also remember that the roster is a season long project and many of the players we see skate out on the Coliseum ice opening night will not be there at the end of the season.

Thu, 07/30/2009 - 10:14am

Yeah, it kinda looks like Legris has the same fighting skills as Gravelle..... Dont think I want to watch a guy lose all his fights again this year.......

Thu, 07/30/2009 - 10:14am

Komets PA,

If I hear of anything, I'll let you know. Also, don't forget the car show on Sept. 13th. I will send you an email with the details.

Thu, 07/30/2009 - 10:22am

komets pa--Get a hold of me. I'll explain the job.

Thu, 07/30/2009 - 2:52pm

Gravelle wasnt a fighter though. He has a total of 7 fights in three years. 4 with the Komets. I never thought of him as a fighter. Dupuis fights more than he does.

Thu, 07/30/2009 - 3:03pm

I have to take a vacation day in order to go to a road game with my work schedule. Have not been to one since the K's lost to musky in the finals a few years back.

Blueline Baby
Thu, 07/30/2009 - 4:17pm

Gravelle was a hitter, not a fighter. And a Barbie doll for Jeff Zehr, who apparently liked to undress him in front of Komet home crowds. What a loser (Zehr, that is, not Gravelle).

Hit Somebody!!!
Thu, 07/30/2009 - 4:23pm

Gravelle would play 100% every shift. I can't find any fault in that kid for that very reason. You give that kind of effort, I am a fan.