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Tailing the Komets

Frenchy's game

His charity softball game is at 2 p.m. Sunday at Tillman Park.  "Frenchy's Friends: Swinging for a cure," is to raise funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. His team will be playing a squad from the Fort Wayne FIre Department led by former Komet Kevin Bertram.

Among the celebrities expected to play at Pat Bingham, Derek Gauthier,
Kelly Miller and Drew O'Connell, not to mention the
shortstop-extraordinaire Kevin St. Pierre himself. Icy will also be
making an appearance along with Billy Elvis and Jack Hammer, Kent
Hormann and a few others Kevin's still working on.

A couple of clowns will make an appearance as well, and no, I'm not talking about Hormann or Billy. Actually, I hear Billy is a pretty mean pitcher, and I happen to know for a fact that Kent tips a pretty mean pitcher.

There will also be a 50-50 raffle and an auction for some memorabilia.

If you are there, stop by and say hi. I'm not sure exactly when I'm going to be there, but I will be making an appearance. I'm smart enough not to play. I've already paid enough in doctor bills this year.

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Thu, 09/14/2006 - 3:54pm

I'm gonna be there, it just so happens that my youngest sons birthday is Sunday and we are having his birthday party at Tillman park. So my family and I are looking forward to watching them play

Thu, 09/14/2006 - 5:33pm

I'll be there!!! I have to go to the same park for some dumb family party before the game, so I might as well stay for the softball game...

(I hope you know this was a joke Andy)

I will be there with the wife and "little Miller fan."

Komets PA
Thu, 09/14/2006 - 8:54pm

I wish I could there for this like I was for the game last year at McMillen. But, I will be performing as the Son of Elvis at a party on Sunday. The things you do for money in the off season. Hope Kevin has a great turnout.

Jungle Monkey
Fri, 09/15/2006 - 4:23am

Hell, I'll go just to see Goater!

Fri, 09/15/2006 - 5:11am

Son of Elvis..wheres this at it may be more interesting

Fri, 09/15/2006 - 6:19am

Exactly, JM. I can't wait to see Derek either. Another good player and even better man. Larry, I'm thinking that would be the perfect entertainment for a throwback night.

Tony E
Fri, 09/15/2006 - 6:38am

I wish I could be there. Heck had I known earlier I would have offered my services as the blind umpire.

Jungle Monkey
Fri, 09/15/2006 - 7:04am

There are blind men that live closer Tony.

Tony E
Fri, 09/15/2006 - 7:53am

sure but I love a good road trip and NOBODY is as blind as me LOL don't believe me? just ask the coaches around here. OR your way, ask Glen Parrish if he is still running around somewhere.

Fri, 09/15/2006 - 8:00am

Okay Tony, no raggin on my old High school coach. Besides, Glenn was always curtious when he called refs blind. Jack Massucci on the other hand, you may not want to be in kicking distance.

Komets PA
Fri, 09/15/2006 - 10:26am

Well, here's the story about the "son of the King":

for the past number of years my dad has been an "elvis impersonator". He lead the Halloween parade at the Komets game a few years back and some of you might have seen him there. He does a great job, has the look already, and he also does card and magic tricks for his clients. So, for a particular client last night and this weekend, I get to wear some Elvis threads and sing the last 2 songs of his set with him. Scary thought isn't it? The gig this weekend is private but I'm sure I could dig up a picture if anyone really wants to see us in action (please, please don't ask!!! )

Blake, I would like to have an Elvis or 50's night though. I do have over 500 Elvis songs at home but I'm not sure where I could fit in playing Ito Eats, Queenie Waheenies Papaya, and Dominic The Impotent Bull (yes Elvis sang those songs) into a game. Might be fun though.

Tony E
Fri, 09/15/2006 - 11:12am

Lol Greg I actually liked Glenn. The problem with lots of officials is that they are not good communicators. All Glenn wanted was to be heard. I talked back and forth with him most of the game. With coaches like him you just need to acknowledge them. Too many guys refused to talk to Glenn. With coaches like him, if you ignore them, they simply get louder. Then it becomes anger and you end up having to T them or worse. It is all about people and game management.

Tony E
Fri, 09/15/2006 - 11:15am

I am trying to remember, where did Jack coach? I did most of my games at C. City, Busco, Blackhawk, East and Central
Noble, Belmont and Heritage. Also a few at
Angola and Garrett. I did a few city games but not many.

Fri, 09/15/2006 - 11:23am

He was the JV basketball coach for Concordia and the Head coach for BAseball. He got T'd on several occasions. One time during a JV holiday tournament Jack was yapping for most of the first half and one of the refs as he was running by said "Shut Up", Jack looked at him and repiled, "That's Shut Up, SIR!!!" then during another JV he got a little irritated at a ref and kicked the basketball. Not dropped kicked like Nick Nolte in "Bluechips" but you get the point. In my four years on the baseball team (as manager) he got tossed of a game at Belmont.

Problem with Glenn too is that he had such a raspy voice that once he got going he could hardly be heard.

Fri, 09/15/2006 - 1:18pm

Funny story about Glenn, and I love both of these guys by the way in part because they taught me so much, I'm 16 years old and just starting out and Glenn knew me because I went to Bethlehem grade school but he was irked at me because I didn't go to Concordia, I went to Harding. So after every basketball game of his I covered, he'd make some comment about here's the kid who should be going to Concordia. And then I'd say, but then I wouldn't be able to interview you because I wouldn't be able to cover your games. Then he'd always stop and say, did you get all that and I'd read his quote back to him. I eventually got a tape recorder and told him it was so I would never miss a word he said. Now his son is coaching Indiana Tech.

Fri, 09/15/2006 - 3:26pm

Hey Blake,
Any further word on what Matt Hunter is doing this coming season and if he is going elsewhere to play?

Fri, 09/15/2006 - 3:42pm

Haven't heard a thing.

Fri, 09/15/2006 - 4:29pm


Yeah those dumb family gatherings....boy...

wait a second...we are talking about my son here...

looking forward to hanging out with you and your family on sunday..

Tony E
Fri, 09/15/2006 - 4:42pm

Glenn was very misunderstood by most in my profession. From what I saw he got more out of less when it came to the results and the talent he had. His "mean" act was just an act. All you had to do was play his game with him. I actually enjoyed officiating his games.

Sat, 09/16/2006 - 5:54am

Tony (and other's who'll want to respond)- two things.

1. Did you hear the guy from Canada who wants to buy the Pens. He tried eariler and wanted to move them to hamilton only to find he was going to run into problems only to back out for a while. My question is. With all the hoceky already in the area, do you believe an NHL team (let alone the Pens) could survive in Hamilton?

2. Did you see where the Bruins invited Billy Tibbetts from the Icehogs after some reality show stunt from NESN?

Sat, 09/16/2006 - 7:03am

Thats a liability issue waiting to explode. Tibbetts is as unstable as they come.

Tony E
Sat, 09/16/2006 - 7:10am

Greg I do believe that it could. Heck there has been a movement for years to put a second team in Toronto. As many people as there are that love the Leafs there are quite a few fed up with going on 40 years of horrible management and broken promises. Combine that with the fact that tickets are next to impossible to get at face value.
Tibbetts is from Boston himself and at one time the Penguins had him pretty high up their prospect list and he has played 80 or so NHL games. He scored 20 goals in the AHL last year in only about 50 games. It is a publicity stunt for sure but at the same time, the Bruins don't exactly have a strong lineup and it wouldn't be the craziest thing ever if he made the team.

Tony E
Sat, 09/16/2006 - 7:13am

JM you are right. Both on and off. Unless I am having one of my brain lapses, the guy has spent more than a few days in jail.

Sat, 09/16/2006 - 10:01am

Thats the guy Tony. I had the pleasure of meeting up with him in a bar a couple years ago in Chicago. Let me say that he could spend a few more days in the same place.

Sun, 09/17/2006 - 12:51pm

Who all made the game? Dupuis put two over the fence. Lil Burgee won the stick in the raffle, Big Burgee missed the 50/50 by 2 numbers and overall the family enjoyed the game.

I did see twister there.

Hit Somebody!!!
Sun, 09/17/2006 - 1:22pm

Anybody drop their "GLOVE"? Any Enema Man sightings? Was Super Fan dressed in his tights, cape, mask, and boots? Was there a cardboard cutout behind either of the benches? Did Gauthier come out of his shoes on any swings like he did on one-timers? Did anyone go 5-hole on Frenchy?

Hope everyone who went had fun and hope they raised some cash for the JDRF...

Sun, 09/17/2006 - 1:26pm

Hope to have an update soon. Pretty good crowd, Guy is a player and Miller made a great catch. Good time had by all, and Frenchy was thrilled by the turnout.

Sun, 09/17/2006 - 1:39pm

Frenchy did make a few stops like an all-star goalie, Millers just as fast on land as he is on ice, didn't see Blake, but there was someone dressed as a clown?! One of the new guys Drew O'Connell hit the game winning run in.

Tony E
Sun, 09/17/2006 - 1:43pm

So now you guys can leave Drew alone. HE HITS!! ;-)

Sun, 09/17/2006 - 3:27pm

I could only be there for 30-45 minutes. Too much work to get done. Perfect day for it.