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Opening Arguments

Get in line, Mitch

The Journal Gazette is annoyed with Gov. Mitch Daniels because he won't jump when Washington says jump. On tuesday, Health and Human Services sent a letter to state insurance commissioners and governors calling for them to chek on the data WellPoint used to justify big rate-increase requests. But:

According to a statement e-mailed to the Indianapolis Star by Daniels' spokeswoman, Jane Jankowski, Daniels will not respond to the letter.


“When we feel the need for advice about health-care costs, we won't start with the people who just passed this disastrously expensive and backward federal legislation,” the statement read.

[. . .]

Rather than asking state officials to ensure Hoosiers are being treated fairly, Daniels wants to hurl insults at the Obama administration for getting health care reform legislation passed.

Bad, bad Mitch! When your mom and dad tell you to clean your room or turn off the TV or eat your peas or take out the trash or spank the mean old insurance company, you'd better hop to it, young man. Never mind the massive new health care mess or the planned massive global warming mess or the immigration reform mess or the general signs of gross incompetence. Even if your parents are drug-taking, tax-cheating, dog-beating, gambling-addicted reprobates of the first order, they're still your parents and know what's best for you, so quit all your whining and do what you're told.