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Opening Arguments

Go for it

Rules? There are rules for spending $787 billion?

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama wants governors to hurry up and begin building bridges and schools to revive the economy. His administration is learning that spending $787 billion as quickly and transparently as promised is no easy task.

States wanting desperately to tap into the new money are having trouble keeping track of the application deadlines and requirements in the 400-page stimulus bill. Governors must sign pledges saying they'll spend the money appropriately, but the administration is still figuring out what the rules are.

Come on, you spineless, wimpy bureaucrats, just go spend the money, and apolgize profusely later if anybody questions anything. Rules are for spending a few thousand dollars to replenish the office supplies. For sums this big, the only operating principle is that the biggest and fastest dogs get the most scraps.


Michael B-P
Tue, 03/17/2009 - 12:03pm

The policy nerds still haven't figured out that if they'd just electronically transfer the funds to our individual checking acccounts, 90% of the moola would be spent by tomrorrow morning. Call it economic stimulus vs. economic Orgasm!