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Opening Arguments

Good look

I hate to admit it, but "TinCaps" is growing on me. Yes, it's a goofy name, but one very much in keeping with minor league traditions. And I like the uniforms. Classic pinstripe look -- very nice. And the alternate unfiforms -- the "dress reds," I guess -- good touch. Even if they lose, they'll look good.

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Mike Harvey
Thu, 12/04/2008 - 5:24pm

The people that chose aren't buffoons, not like the debacle (i guess it was mostly in the blogosphere) with the FWCS logo. Nice colors, nice font... sure... good for them.

I made a mildly sarcastic comment like the last 3 words above in a conversation with a couple Design Collaborative people a couple days ago and was asked "Where is my Fort Wayne pride"?