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Tailing the Komets

Had some fun tonight

Went to the coliseum to watch the Komets Legends skate in preparation for Saturday's game. I think we had more fun on the bench than they had on the ice because everyone was cutting each other up. Saturday should be quite a bit of fun. Can you believe the Komets haven't had a legends came since 1998? You're going to want to be at the coliseum by 4:30 p.m. on Saturday to be there for the introductions.

Dusty Virag, Jim Logan and Derek Gauthier were a great line once again, Carey Lucyk was playing center, Ron Leef was on defense and Kelly Hurd still has a wicked wrist shot. There will be a story in tomorrow's paper.

One of the neat things was Chuck Adamsom's skates which he said were from the 1969 season, but somebody swore were from the 1950s. Chuck was the referee tonight for the scrimmage.


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