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Opening Arguments

The heart of Condi

Condoleezza Rice has moved beyond race, sex, circumstances of birth, all the baggage that weighs most people down, to become a remarkable, unique individual. Some people can never forgive her for that, like this idiot, who thinks she just isn't black enough and certainly not liberal enough:

When Rice was growing up, her father stood guard at the entrance of her neighborhood with a rifle to keep the Klan's nightriders away. But that was outside the bubble. Inside the bubble, Rice was sitting at the piano in pretty dresses to play Bach fugues. It sounds like a wonderful childhood, but one that left her able to see the impact that race has in America -- able to examine it and analyze it -- but not to feel it.

You just think too much, Condi; you have to show 'em that you feel. Bleed a little to show you have heart.