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Tailing the Komets

Here's the refs

 The Central Hockey League (CHL) announced today the 11 gentlemen that will serve as the league's full-time on-ice officials for the 2011-12 season.   

The full-time referees for the upcoming season are Zac Blazic, Boone Bruggman, Brent Coulombe, Marc-Andre Lavoie and Peter Tarnaris and the full-time linesmen are Kyle DeMaggio, John Grandt, Bill McGoldrick, Shaun Morgan, Cory Piche and James Sanders.

The 2011-12 season will mark the first as a full-time CHL officials for Blazic, Coulombe, Tarnaris, DeMaggio, Morgan and Sanders.      

“We are very excited with the group of officials that both Bryan Lewis (CHL Referee-in-Chief) and Leon Stickle (CHL Senior Supervisor of Officials) have assembled for this season,” said Jim Wiley, CHL's Director of Hockey Operations.  “These young men have all the tools to have long careers as on-ice officials and the experience and development they will gain from this season is a positive for them and the league.” 

As recently as this summer, the CHL has developed officials preparing them for the National and American Hockey Leagues.  In July, Mark Lemelin was signed to a NHL contract joining Frederick L'Ecuyer and Gord Dwyer as former CHL officials who are now NHL referees.

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Tue, 10/04/2011 - 10:43pm

These guys all stink, I want my Jimmy back, Searle and the one ref with the short man syndrome.

Wed, 10/05/2011 - 6:27am

Bring back Cisco!

Wed, 10/05/2011 - 2:29pm

Has anyone done the math on this annoucement???? 14 teams in the league could mean seven games in one night if everyone plays. Six linesmen can only cover three games. Only five refs listed couldn't cover a full slate either. Are there part time officials in addition to the full timers? How bad will they be?????

Mr Snufflupugus
Wed, 10/05/2011 - 3:07pm

Boone Bruggman? I don't know what to say about that name.

Mr Snufflupugus
Wed, 10/05/2011 - 4:59pm

No facebook pages allowed?

Thu, 10/06/2011 - 5:46am

hey, what wrong with the name "boone".... i happen to think its a mighty fine one!!

Mr Snufflupugus
Thu, 10/06/2011 - 8:31am

Nothing at all. But the combination makes me chuckle. I can't picture that name being announced as officiating game 7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs but heck it would be awesome if it was!

Thu, 10/06/2011 - 8:33am

i like the guy already!!

Thu, 10/06/2011 - 10:25am

WF, just like last season they will have these guys as permanent officials/linesman who ONLY call CHL games. They will continue to use other officials/linesman who do games for several different leagues.