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Tailing the Komets

Here's the roster plan

On Friday, the Komets are going to activate Jon Mirasty and put Sean O'Connor on the 10-day IR with a bad wrist which he suffered Saturday night in Evansville. O'Connor and Frankie DeAngelis will not be making this trip. Danko Mironovic is ready to play when needed.

The team is leaving at 6:30 a.m. Thursday to bus to Indy for a direct flight to Denver. They'll play Friday at Colorado and then fly out Saturday morning for Rapid City and then fly back to Denver to Indy to catch the bus home on Sunday.

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Tue, 03/08/2011 - 5:14pm

Like How it's going hope it goes well!!!

Tue, 03/08/2011 - 5:24pm

Looks like they will be flying the friendly skies of United Airlines! I hope Shawn and Mark have nice weather for the long drive ahead.

Tue, 03/08/2011 - 6:07pm

They may need Mirasty this Friday Colorado has some real nut jobs. Blake what are the play-off rules for the roster?

Tue, 03/08/2011 - 6:31pm

Everybody stays employed...thats good!

I would like to see a vet or two given some time off before the playoffs; but if there are some nagging injuries, those are a priority....

Go K's!

Tue, 03/08/2011 - 8:12pm

Penner has been called up to Bridgeport as of today. One less nut job in Colorado this weekend

Tue, 03/08/2011 - 8:50pm

AHL's clear day rosters were announced and niether Mirasty or Ratchuk were on either Springfield or Syracuse's rosters... That means they are here to stay unless there is an emergency need (call-up or injury)...


Tue, 03/08/2011 - 8:57pm

Penner wasnt on any AHL list, so he's not gonna be playing for anybody.....

Tue, 03/08/2011 - 9:04pm

JR, according to the CHL site he was recalled by Bridgeport


Tue, 03/08/2011 - 9:09pm

I understand that; but unless he was called up on an emergency basis, then he's not playing... Bridgeports clear day list does not have him on it....

Tue, 03/08/2011 - 9:12pm

Seems odd that our league transactions have him listed but the AHL does not..clerical error or did the call up fall thru? Guess we'll see this weekend. Personally I hope he'll be in Colorado's lineup

Frank Drebin
Tue, 03/08/2011 - 9:25pm

Hope they stay away from the chicken and fish on the flight out west. Me? I'll be having the lasagna.