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Opening Arguments

Hey, it's Icon Thursday!

Juxtaposition of the day -- make your own decision about what it means.

First, some people are working on $135,000 to, among other things, erect a 13-foot statue of Larry Bird at Indiana State University.:

 A sculptor who has worked for years to promote plans for a statue of Larry Bird at Indiana State University says it looks like he won't have the chance to make it.

Vigo County sculptor Bill Wolfe says the founder of the Larry Legend Foundation told him a donor was willing to fund the project, but insisted on another artist.

Aww. He didn't get this job, either:

Workers at the University of Notre Dame have begun maintenance work on the iconic ''Touchdown Jesus'' mural that overlooks the football stadium.


University officials say work on the mosaic on the side of the Hesburgh Library must be done every 15 years or so because of northern Indiana's harsh weather. It was last done in 1994.

Oh, wait. There was a runner-up. A Pennsylvania woman named Carolyn Williams admits to donning a clown suit and robbing a bank:

Williams made off with about $7,000 after wearing the garish outfit, red nose and rainbow wig into a Bethlehem Township bank last August and saying she had a bomb. Williams had claimed she was forced to rob the bank by a kidnapper who had her children.

And below is a video making the rounds of Ronald McDonald's first TV commercial in the eaely 1960s. If you've got even a touch of coulrophobia, I wouldn't watch it. Creepy. Cringy.