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Tailing the Komets

Hodgman's jersey story

You can read it h

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Tue, 05/19/2009 - 1:03pm

Good for him. I think we should applaud him for having his priorities in line and taking care of his child with the money and by being present in her life. I don't know too many 20 year olds that I could say that about.

Hit Somebody!!!
Tue, 05/19/2009 - 4:07pm

Thanks for the story Blake...

I will have to apologize for thinking this was odd....now that I know the reasons...he has good reasons. It sounds like he is trying to be a stand-up guy and take care of his kid. I didn't realize he wasn't allowed to work due to the visa situation. That really sucks.

Tue, 05/19/2009 - 4:19pm

Great Reporting Blake..... as always!

If he was an illegal alien he could be like all the free loaders and just cheat. But than who wants to live off of the government. I digress into political garbage. Bad bad me. Sorry Blake this is a Komet blog. Hodgman is a great guy who is trying to do the right thing. I respect him for his efforts.

Tue, 05/19/2009 - 4:25pm

Komets should sign him & give him a cash advance

Blake Sebring
Tue, 05/19/2009 - 7:22pm

Can't do that under league rules. Players get paid for the 26-week season. I'm not positive, but I don't think they get paid for exhibition season, either.

Tue, 05/19/2009 - 8:28pm

If I could do it I would take a bad day at the rink over a good day in the office anytime.

Tue, 05/19/2009 - 10:28pm

"Dschebig, you're a Republican, aren't you?" she said, wrinkling up her nose ever so slightly. ;)

Wed, 05/20/2009 - 2:31am

And do you think the Komets & other teams always follow the rules? They could find a way.

Wed, 05/20/2009 - 5:50am

Blog foul, misconduct on Wendy, bringing the nasty subject of politics up on a hockey blog where true differences are settled the old fashioned way.

P.S. God bless the republican party. =)

Wed, 05/20/2009 - 6:11am

Wendy.... I am one honest to God American. Americans first and foremost. I do not like labels. Just call me a blessed Komet fan. Blessed for being able to watch, following, cheer and be associated with the best minor league team in America.

Wed, 05/20/2009 - 7:09am

Blake: Do you think this will mean that Hodgman will stay with the Komets next year as opposed to going to another league and another team again since his girlfriend is here? Obviously you can't know what he is thinking or know the future, but an expert guess would be nice.

Wed, 05/20/2009 - 8:29am

I'll be glad to give you my best un-expert guess. Justin should recieve an invite to a NHL camp. Last year he went to the Wild camp. I think he will sign an NHL contract if they a team drafts him which they will. That means he could end up with a AHL team if he doesn't make the big show. I am sure we (Komet fans) wish him the best of luck. I do.

Blake Sebring
Wed, 05/20/2009 - 9:02am

You would hope he receives an invite. At this point it's impossible to say RK. If he gets the chance to sign in the AHL, that's a great opportunity that he will surely take. There have been a lot of guys over the years I thought would stay and some guys whom I thought would not come back who did. Sorry I can't be more definitive, but this has to be one of the least-definitive businesses in the world.

Wed, 05/20/2009 - 9:28am

I hope he gets a chance a the best-possible opportunities. Of course, the selfish side of me would like to see him stay, but I hope the best for him, as I do for all of the players and coaches. Still, it's hard to deny the hole you feel in your gut when you see one of the guys not returning next season, whoever that would be or has been in the past.

Blake Sebring
Wed, 05/20/2009 - 10:26am

That's part of the reason it's so great when guys come back like Drouin, Chaulk, Dupuis, Shafranov, Bertram, Hodgman.

Wed, 05/20/2009 - 1:56pm

"He started it!" she pouted with a petulant look on her face, an accusing finger extended towards Dschebig's post. ;)

As for Hodgman, I still feel kind of like "Good Will Hunting". I wouldn't want to see him hang around here for the rest of his career. He deserves more. I don't expect him to be drafted at this point. Isn't that only for 18 year olds? But he deserves a shot in the higher levels, regardless.

Blake Sebring
Wed, 05/20/2009 - 2:41pm

I would send you to your rooms, but dschebig is bigger and meaner than me and he's been known to carry a gun. In other words, you're on your own, Wendy. (He's actually a teddy bear, but don't tell anybody.)

Wed, 05/20/2009 - 2:57pm

Hey! I even admited I did bad. All I was trying to do was get more HITs for Blake. I happen know he needs the money.

Wendy....you really do not want to get me started on politics. I have 31.5 years working for crooks I mean politicians. I have way to many years of lifes experiences for you to want too go toe to toe. Lets just agree to disagree. Your wrong and I'm right. Hows that? I will quit Blake I promise.

Blake Sebring
Wed, 05/20/2009 - 3:11pm


Komets PA
Wed, 05/20/2009 - 5:07pm

...Here are the penalties:

For Wendy, 2 minutes unsportsmanlike conduct, 2 minutes roughing.

For DShebig, 2 minutes roughing

Time of the penalties...7:06

BTW Blake, my hair is now longer than yours again. Kinda Matt Lauer-ish without all that money getting in the way.

Blake Sebring
Wed, 05/20/2009 - 5:18pm

You, suck, Larry. LOL. Send pictures!

I was going to give myself a haircut tonight but couldn't find a spare 30 seconds.

Wed, 05/20/2009 - 6:09pm

This just in from Brad Jones: a 5 paragraph essay on why we need republicans and democrats has been handed out to all bloggers discusing politics or hair on a hockey blog.

Wed, 05/20/2009 - 6:51pm

Er... I'm wrong? But I didn't make any statements to be either right or wrong. But whoa... You spent that many years working for people you hated? But yeah, all politicians are crooks.

Woo-hoo! I got a roughing AND misconduct! Larry announced it and everything! I've got chills. B)

Wed, 05/20/2009 - 6:53pm

Oh... Make that an "unsportsmanlike". Drat.

Wed, 05/20/2009 - 7:00pm

Sorry you all. I can not write a 5 paragraph essay in 2 min. So I will just became a Conservative Libertarian. Besides I know Brad Jones and he's a friend of mine. You can not prove otherwise either Burgee or PA Larry. How many more blog hits do we need to write for Blake to get his money? Does anyone really know? Sorry I forgot he is waiting for his Bailout Simulus check. No that's the Boston Globe. Blake writes for a "REAL" newspaper at least one that is still in business. I report you decide!!!!!

Wed, 05/20/2009 - 8:10pm

Dschebig ++

Komets PA
Wed, 05/20/2009 - 11:36pm

Brad Jones doesn't like me. He still thinks that that I announced Joe Franke as a goalie for the Missouri River Otters during a blowout game. True story, I'll have to share it sometime.

Thu, 05/21/2009 - 3:25am

Komets PA..... You did!! I heard it. My problem is I can not remember if it was during a rant on the headset or over the PA. Either way is was during the game.

Thu, 05/21/2009 - 6:38am

Since we're building up blog hits here, has anyone heard anything on this huge IHL announcement?? I mean it's THURSDAY already! I'm going nuts craving hockey news and Pittsburgh doesn't play until later tonight, so I'm starting to have withdrawl until then. I know several people posted suspicions, but nothing official. Also, when do the Komets tend to do their signings for next season? I was told June. Yes, no?

Thu, 05/21/2009 - 7:51am

THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT IS............. Jim Hawthorne will be returning next year to the IHL.