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Tailing the Komets

Hunter update

Matt Hunter has been played on the 10-day injured reserve list with a separated shoulder. He suffered the injury Sunday when he was hit by Kalamazoo's Nick Bootland. Komets General Manager David Franke said the team won't know until later if Hunter might be able to rehab the shoulder enough to play later or if he'll require surgery which will end his season.

The Komets have sent a tape of the hit to United Hockey League Director of Hockey Operations Brad Jones for review.

``We feel that it was squarely a hit from behind into the boards,'' Franke said. "The fact that the kid has a separated shoulder, we want Brad to take a look at it and see if there's reason for further discipline.''

David Hukalo is still day-to-day with a sprained wrist. His status for Wednesday's game at Motor City is questionable.

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Hit Somebody!!!
Mon, 03/20/2006 - 10:47pm

Opinions about Hockey guys. That is the point here. Blake rights the topic, we respond. No one said it was life or death did they. So the only way you will read the blog is if we say only what you want to hear? Ok, the Komets are wonderful. Why, then do you waste your time coming on here and reading what other people say? What is your opinion about what Blake wrote on the topic of Matt Hunter, and the Frankes' thinking it was a cheapshot, as they sent the tape to the league office? Who jumped on other bloggers who had something positive to say. My only reference of someone else was that people need to stop getting so worked up about others opionions and add a positive look if they want. Or else, I guess stop reading/posting like you said if it bothers you that much. Man, take it easy guys.

Tue, 03/21/2006 - 12:20am

Its not the negative posts in itself that bother me. Sometimes it's called for. Everyone expresses themselves differently as well. I think if we can all start being more respectful to one another it will go a long ways. There is a difference between saying 'I think Rob Guinn can improve by, or should be doing this or that' and saying 'Rob Guinn is such a joke he's so dumb for not fighting etc etc and you must be a real idiot if you think he should stay on this team.' Also If someone posts it once, we don't need to hear about it over and over again. A simple 'I agree' or add something not talked about to expand on the subject. I don't want to see a '"pick a name" sucks!' stamp on every single post in these blogs. That does no good but causes tension between fellow posters. I hope many people resond to what I have to say, agree or not. I just ask that you say it respectful, from one Komet fan to another, and you will receive respect in the same way.

Tue, 03/21/2006 - 3:38am

I agree with you dnl its turned into all doom and gloom no matter what the K's do. Nothing is gonna change this year so we might as well support whats on the ice for the rest of the year and hope that the K's do well in the playoffs and re-tool in the offseason.

Tue, 03/21/2006 - 3:57am

JR and DNL- I'm glad you guys see what I see, lets just enjoy the rest of the season and the playoffs, and then hope for a retooling come next season, thats all I'm saying. Not one of us can change last summer or the game from Sunday. Lets just enjoy the hockey that we have left, and support the 2006 Komets.

Tue, 03/21/2006 - 6:16am

The Komets picked up 4 out of 6 points this weekend. Lackluster play defeated them on sunday. Line em up and shoot em. They are supposed to win every game from here on! Lets get real for a moment, and give some credit to K-zoo for playing their game on a night where the Komets weren't at their best. Grats to the wings for doing what a winning team should do. (and in fact is what the komets usually do to other teams when the oppertunity presents itself)

Komets are a winning team that had a typical type of weekend. 2 out of 3. Im happy with those results. Perhaps next time we will beat Kzoo and lose to a Port Huron type team. Thats the way that funny hockey game goes.

Tue, 03/21/2006 - 6:54am

The problem "Hit" is that after each loss you say the same thing over and over and over. It turns people off, it doesn't put people on your side. Even if they do agree with what you say there is a time when you just have to turn the volume down a bit.

Komet Hockey is very important to a lot of people, the same people on here talking about how it's just a game. No problem with expressing your opinion, just come up with a new one every now and then.

Take a few days off the blog maybe and spend some time with the wife or daughter. (Maybe I sure delete that...probably will set him off)

Just saying the constant "Komets are soft, Frankes suck" mantra is turning people against you.

Tue, 03/21/2006 - 7:58am

Komets123 has a good point, the Komets won 2 out for 3 this weekend, but because they played like crap on Sunday everyone rips them apart, how soon they forget that they won 2 games this weekend.

Tue, 03/21/2006 - 8:09am

Thank you, DNL and Mark, for some mature, positive comments! It's gotten really negative here for the past few weeks, and I've avoided the blogs, too.

Enough with the "Cardboard Cutout" stuff. Enough with "Rob Guinn sucks" stuff. We all know what you think of them. GET OVER IT. Your complaining is NOT going to accomplish anything.

And I agree with DNL: if you're going to complain, do it respectfully. Do you think Guinn likes hearing how "terrible of a player he is" from fans, who may or may not know anything of worth about hockey? I could tell you some stories from the Arby's meet-up, and seeing his reaction from the stuff people were saying about him AT ARBY'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM was not a pleasant thing to witness. Do you Guinn-haters really have no idea how much that might affect a player?? Shame on you.

Yes, I like Guinn. Yeah, he makes mistakes, but ALL OF THE PLAYERS DO. You all are quick to jump all over Guinn for not fighting/missing that pass/giving up that goal, but how about the things that he does right? You're all quick to look the other way. Nice.

So the Komets didn't play their best on Sunday. Let's look ahead to Motor City. Are we gonna win? And how about Missouri and Rockford this weekend?

Now on to the point of this post: Get well soon, Matt! That hit from Bootland should've been more than just a 2 minute minor. Take it easy and come back fully healed for the playoffs! :)

Tue, 03/21/2006 - 8:28am

the blog is a place to voice our opinions. not a place to attack someone for voicing opinions that differ from yours. blake picks a subject and we respond. i told all of you from day one that this team didnt have it this year and all i got was crap, now here we are at the end of the season and i think maybe i was proved right. hat doesnt mean that i dont love the komets. ive probably been a komet fan longer than most of you have been alive. i played the game thru college and ive coached youth sports for 40yrs, so i know about hockey i know about coaching and i know a lot about what goes on behind the scences, but it doesnt mean all my opinions are right and doesnt mean i have to get all of you on my side. when i post negative its as constructive criticisim or to ask a question or to add to a blog point. all on here now say gee we won 2 of three, we are really happy!! yeah!!! but as an old hockey guy i see a team that struggled real bad to win two games against teams with no talent and then watch us get out jocks handed to us against the zoo. thats not a negative comment, its just the truth. hopefully the guys will do wellin the playoffs and the frankes can learn from the mistakes made and we can come back next year and get back to our status as the cream of the league. go ks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tue, 03/21/2006 - 8:43am

Nobody is sayin that you cant post your opinion wether it be positive or negative comment about the team, players or management, I'm all for free speech. Some of us are just sayin you dont have to post the same comment 10 times under one topic... It seems that just about everyone is on the same page when it comes to the team and their stengths and weaknesses. And you have to remember that these are also OUR opinions that you are giving US "crap" about. At this point in the season with the trade deadline gone this is the team that will compete in the playoffs and they deserve our support. Go K's

Tue, 03/21/2006 - 10:11am

Its funny, the Komets are in a playoff race, the games should be exciting and have a playoff atmosphere. Yes, Sundays game sucked, but that has come to be expected on a sunday when its the 3rd game in 3 nights. I think the UHL should again look at that 3rd game and find an alternative night. The NHL doesn't play 3 games in 3 nights, the level of hockey really falls off.

IMO, we should all be rooting for the Komets, not ripping them apart because they played a terrible game on Sunday. The Komets are in a tight race for the 6th seed, that should be exciting. As long as the Komets continue to win, they should be ok.

Lets all be Fans, and get out and support the Komets, and root them on to a playoff berth.


Tue, 03/21/2006 - 11:23am

The idea behind the blog is to have a discussion or a debate, as you call it Hit. So offer something new to the discussion. I mean honestly, what have you been saying today on the topic of Hunter's injury that you didn't eventually steer the the comments to "they ain't tough, don't fight, take cheap shots and accept it" that were dug up from previous posts from the week or month before? After pretty much every loss...your posts come out of the gate heated and eventually calling out everything associated with Komet hockey by the time you are done with your rants and replies to yourself. Its almost like clockwork. You make same valid points, as always but your repeated efforts to stir up the coals and fan the fire gets lost or loses credibility the longer you piss and moan or take it to the Nth degree. Its like sitting next to someone you bellows "shoot" everytime someone touches the puck on a powerplay. After awhile, it turns from you agreeing to being a downright aggrevation, like fingernails on a chalkboard hearing them say the same thing over and over and you want them to just shut up already. If the only way to muzzle their yaps is shooting, then shoot. If they only way to muzzle Hit is for the K's to win....then LETS GO K's. :)

You and I probably do not differ on most topics. The presentation may be different and the fact beat the dead horse even to this day. There are probably hundreds of us that simply agree to the core that this is not a championship team or least a long shot....and have come to accept it for what it is because afterall....this is OUR team. It's not perfect and without fault. Yes, we may be disappointed at times with how they play and jealous of what others may have but it is what it is. At this level, you simply cannot "start over" with trades or callup guys from the minors. I think everyone that had a role in building this team is going to learn something from this season no matter how it turns out in the end.

Tue, 03/21/2006 - 12:04pm

This isn't a teaming up on Hit either. Joe-you shouldn't have posted that little comment you debated on posting in the first place. No need to bring anyone's personal life into this. If I was Hit I would be offended whether you meant it to be or not. In Hit's defense, off this blog-I've come to realize that he is a respectful person and does not try to cause problems here. He wants to post his comments like anyone else. Hopefully we can -ALL- look at this as a reconstructive improvement to our comments and build a better relationship amongst each other here on both blogs.

Komets PA
Tue, 03/21/2006 - 1:26pm

OK, I have decided to accept the blame for the poor game on Sunday. I must not have played the right warm up music, didn't read the announcements without tumbling over the words, and didn't play anything funny or inciteful when the Wings got a penalty. So please blame me and accept my apology for the poor work. I hope to have 2 good games out of the next 3.

your humbled announcer

Jungle Monkey
Tue, 03/21/2006 - 2:49pm

Thanks for being a standup guy, Larry. Maybe with a little more effort from you we can have better results next time.

I am curious your opinion. Do you feel the "Jungle" has lost intensity over the years, and if so.... Why?

Tue, 03/21/2006 - 3:22pm

Man, that Larry sure is a wimp! I think the next game he needs to walk up to Justin and just bop him one! Prove to all of us that he's a real man.

And play more Metalica and ditch that Barry Manilow stuff! Take it home and add it to your collection.

The jungle lost its intensity because 1990-91 was a once in a lifetime year and we all got spoiled. Everybody figured we had somehow hit on the perfect formula so it would be easy to duplicate every year. As much as the Frankes have tried to recapture it, they will never be able to. That's partly because we have changed and hockey has changed. We're much more skeptical about sports for various reasons.

This blog would have trashed those Komets so bad that half of them would have wanted to quit by mid-season. Anybody else remember how they struggled so much early in the season?

Look how much harder it is for Icy to get us to laugh at him anymore? Is he worse than he was? No. The hardest thing in the world is to stay fresh. That's why I took a year and a half off from the Komets. I was out of gas.

I wish you guys could all go to a game in Rockford and see how much fun they have at games. It's a blast just to watch.

Hit Somebody!!!
Tue, 03/21/2006 - 4:13pm

I'm not going to blow up. I get it guys.
First off, thanks to each and everyone of you who have piled on me. I appreciate the way you have singled me out and eaten me alive on here. Probably had it coming, right? I enjoy the classy personal attacks that have nothing to do with hockey or the komets blog. That is to be expected. I get your messages loud and clear. The only thing I will add to what I have all ready expressed and I think Blake should at least back me on this one is, in the future, with the other bloggers, don't hop on their backs because you don't agree with their opinions. Write an opinion that is different and brings about a debate. Rather than you guys who right 10 blog entries critiquing everything that is wrong with what guys like David, Rick, JC, Skate, Unit, Chuckitt, Charlie, etc. wrote. Go back and look and some of the harrassing entries over the past 2 weeks some of you who have criticized me have written, before you point the finger. I'm done. I now feel like Icy did during the Enema Man stunt.

Tue, 03/21/2006 - 6:54pm

kudos hit! more power to you!!!!!

Tue, 03/21/2006 - 7:10pm

You could quite honestly insert Pulhalski, the Frankes, or any one of the players into the first few sentences of that post and that could be a letter from them....to you. Its almost the textbook definition of contradiction isn't it?

These so-called posts being critical of what you say are not so much that, but rather a polite way of saying "enough already, lets move on to something different". If nothing else ever sinks in please remember that in most cases we're on the same page, just a different paragraph.

Tue, 03/21/2006 - 7:35pm

Before we secure your martyrdom Hit let me point out something to you. Most of us AGREE with you..... some may not like how you present it; but who cares. If you go back I have agreed with you at times and threw my 2 cents worth in too. All people are tryin to point out is that if you look back recently at some of these topics you'll see, say, 15 entries and 10 of them are yours and they say the same thing. No one can deny that you are a passionate K's fan, and I too would like to see more of the "old" days out there right now; but thats just not gonna happen this year. I am jealous of the top tier teams when it comes to thier success this year and hate having to look up instead of down to find the other teams in the league. I am going to root for these K's for the remainder of the season and as far as they can go in the playoffs. They have thier stengths and their weaknesses and we all know what those are to this point. Hopefully we can go back to talkin/typin Komet hockey and put all this garbage behind us.

Komets PA
Tue, 03/21/2006 - 8:49pm

My feelings about the Jungle is that the excitement was brought about by the fans and really nothing more.It was a rebirth of a great Fort Wayne tradition many people had forgotten about thru all of the ownership changes. The Komets were the orange and black and the fireball and all the things that the previous owners tried to deny and in turn alienated the fan base. We can't be the champion every year. When I played hockey as a younger man, one year my team lost every game of the regular season, but won the playoffs. The next season we won every game in the season and got knocked out of the playoffs in the first game. It's a crapshoot. You can put the best individuals in the game on the same team and yet not be the best team (look at the Rangers for the last 6 or 7 years before this season). All I can say is enjoy, because in the next month or so, we all will be wishing it was a new season starting all over again in October. Ok, maybe not Blake. He needs a tan or something first.

Tue, 03/21/2006 - 9:16pm

Cut that guy some slack. What is the big deal. Did all 10 or 11 of you guys need to weigh in and some of you 2 or 3 times. And to bring up his family? Pot calling the kettle black. You guys are blowing things way out of proportion. Some of the same people passing judgement are offenders as well. Just enjoy this site and enjoy life. You all are crazy.

Tue, 03/21/2006 - 11:09pm

Hit and I have exchanged a few emails about this very topic. I do not believe that for the most part many of us are far apart on our opinions as opposed to his. He and I have in common that we may go a little overboard in the statement of them. I have to agree with Pat in that several guys may be going to extremes in the piling on. I think if we all were to get together at a bar or restaurant or whatever forum, that we would probably all have a great time. I can agree that condeming someone and not just there opinion is over the line. However, I think that it has become just as aggregious the other way as well. Like I stated in another thread: Don't make this forum into a firemikedavis.com forum where all that happens is people commenting on each other rather than the situation being discussed. It's stupid, uninteresting and sometimes offensive. We all want the same thing, some of us have different ideas of how to achieve it than others. We should be able to state our opinions without condeming the person making them. If we turn into a bunch of Rush Limbaugh's I have a feeling Blake will pull the plug on the blog faster than a K's opponent scores on a power play. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. Go K's!!!

Wed, 03/22/2006 - 2:47am

I guess when the shoe is on the other foot its not that comfortable... Have I been negative this year on this blog?? Heck yes... Have I had people jump down my throat about a comment??? Yep. Like I said I've agreed most of the time with Hit, David, Scoops, Mark, etc... The funny thing is I think we've darn near exhausted every other topic so we all turned on each other. Guilty as charged I guess. I'm just gonna stick to hockey comments, cause no matter what either way you look at it your guilty from some angle in this blog....oh well

Wed, 03/22/2006 - 4:08am

JR-I'm not trying to jump down anyones throat, ever since the day they told me they were testing my son for Muscular Dystrophy, nothing positive has happened until last Saturday night. I got to take my son into the locker for pictures with his favorite players. The smile on my son's face was priceless the rest of the night. I'm looking for positives, and with all the negativity around here lately, it just drives me nuts sometimes..

Wed, 03/22/2006 - 10:52am

Man, can you imagine what that bar bill would be?

Wed, 03/22/2006 - 4:09pm

I'm in. Will buy first round

Wed, 03/22/2006 - 6:46pm

Well, if you guys do want to set something up I can probably get us some sort of a break over at Wrigley Field. If you want to do it say so and I will set it up, if we get enough people.

Wed, 03/22/2006 - 7:35pm

As long as JR is invited so he can get his revenge on everybody who has ever wronged him on this blog. Maybe you guys should have a hanging for that guy you have been beating up the past couple of days. I'm pretty sure that would solve things.

Wed, 03/22/2006 - 11:02pm

Everyone is invited. JR already gave his RSVP. I would love to see Hit, Phil, ChuckItt, CharlieI, Blake, Laurie, Nancie, Mark, KometsPa (aka Larry), Jungle Monkey, Tony, David, Rick, Skate etc etc...Sorry on anybody I left out. There will be no lynchings. Just trying to prove the point that we all want the same thing.