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Opening Arguments

I scream, you scream . . .

I once served on a nonprofit board with a woman who insisted that we never order Dominos pizza for our lunch meetings because its owner was a rightwing zealot whose causes she didn't want to promote, even with her digestive system. A foolish mixing of food and politics, I thought. I'm proud to say I still feel the same way, so I can enjoy my ice cream without worrying about the leftwing zealots who make it. Priceless, this:

Herein lies a second irony: This product is probably about as good for your health as a pack of Camel cigarettes--and at least cigarettes carry the Surgeon General's warning labels. At Ben & Jerry's, the saying goes "if you can't eat a whole pint . . . in one sitting, you aren't really trying." But if you do, you might as well be injecting your arteries with Elmer's glue. And they have no qualms about marketing this dangerous product to children. If you want to know the definition of a liberal's dilemma, just wait till the trial lawyers slap Ben & Jerry's with a billion-dollar lawsuit.