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Tailing the Komets

I think it was in

My initial reaction when I saw it live was that I saw the water bottle move, which to me can only happen if the puck hits the top of the net. I talked to someone I trust who was down in that area as well and they said it was in. I also talked with a handful of Port Huron fans who were at that end who said it was in.

I felt at the time of the goal that I had a very good angle to see it and I was sure I saw the water bottle move. My other immediate thought was that the angle the puck came out at did not seem like it would have been the trajectory if it had hit the crossbar, either. I also didn't ask the other folks if they saw it go in,  I asked them if they heard it hit the crossbar and no one said they did.

I did not get to see the replay. At that time I was asking fans at that end what they had heard.

Konstantin Shafranov and Mathieu Curadeau were adament that the puck went in. Curadeau even diagrammed on a pad of paper to show me where the puck went in. I'll post their comments a little later. Obviously they are not unbiased.

What does all that mean? Less than the energy it took me to type it. I really don't think there was any way anyone can be 100 percent sure on it because of the speed of the shot. There's no such thing as overhead video replay and there likely never will be at this level of hockey. It would also add to the expenses to bring in off-ice officials from another league city like they do in the NHL. I'm not sure that's necessary anyway, because I would never dare question the integrity and honest of the FW off-ice officials so I darn sure am not going to do it for any other city. Decisions like that have to be made in tenths of a second, and I'll never believe anyone in that position would cheat to help his or her home team. It happens way too fast for that even to be contemplated, and I believe they care too much about doing the best they possibly can for a job that pays them nothing. These are also not rookies, but among the most experienced people you can find in all of hockey. 

If the Komets were ticked off at themselves last night, they are mad at the world tonight. It was a spectacular game, one of the best I've seen in years.

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Sat, 05/03/2008 - 9:57pm

I believe you and i'm old enough to understand the speed of the puck part of it, maybe a couple of years ago i might have argued it, must be the grey hair.